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  1. Yes Thanks a lot. So far no agency or police has contacted me. I have also been shopping honestly with the help of a psychologist. Thank you all for your advice and comfort in this post, which helped me get through the darkest times.
  2. Yes you are right, I will actually, following therapiest instruction. The reason I didinot report is I dont have my home I live in friends sofa for a while. and I m so afriad to go to the police station at this point.
  3. Thank you very much. I'm already in therapy and I will continue How long will they contact me, If they don't contact me in a week or a month does that mean they won't. And whether it's a phone call or the police showing up at my door. Also, Can I continue to shop with right behaviour in the places I used burgled but didnot caught yet? Or I d better stop drop by until a month or a half year? Best,
  4. Hi really appreciate to help me with this issue. I'm terribly sorry. I've had a couple of shoplifts in John Lewis in the past month, all of which were items I didn't need and worth more than £200 I assume. I knew my behavior was very very wrong and stupid.I have seen a psychologist and counsellor but it is a very complicated, as I cant help to do it. Follow is what happened yesterday. LP caught me yesterday, and I was in the store, taking stuff out of the box and putting it in my pocket. She stopped me and I said I would pay for these things. But she said she could see my earlier theft on CCTV and they had to call the police. At this time, another male security guard also came to my side. They kept asking me for my name and address. I was very scared, but since I didn't bring any driver's license and identification with photo, they said I had to call the police. So I gave them my bank card to take a picture of them. I was so scared that I had a panic attack and couldn't breathe. They haven't taken me into the inquiry room yet, just in the mall lobby. In the lobby, I stated that I had lost my job and that I was selling stolen goods to make ends meet. I'm so, so sorry. Also,I indicated that if I called the police there would be a chain of events that would force me to be sent back to my country, and then I would be persecuted. My English not very good, but she may understand what I said " they will hauted me after deported". Unfortunately, these are all true, and I'm under a lot of pressure. The woman who caught me looked sympathetic. So when I was about to lose my sight she decided not to call the police, but to ban me from John Lewis. And offered me water to drink. I am very sorry and regretful. I'm very grateful to this lady. The male security guard didn't complain, just said please stop doing it, it's a serious crime in UK. That's what happened to me. I was riddled with guilt, but at the same time I had a huge fear for the future as I really wanna change and dont wanna it with me for life. 1. I was afraid that when they went back over the last month, even two months CCTV and found out tme for several times, leading they change their mind and call the police. I was scared if the police would find me, because my line of work is very sensitive about this. All the informtaion is here: They own CCTV footage.They didn't ask me to take off my mask and take pictures or sign anything, or take me into a special room. I wear a mask most of the time, but when I had a panic attack I took my mask off briefly, for less than a minute. Also, the card they took the photo with was not issued by a UK bank and could not be traced back to my address. But it has my name on it. Even though I didn't register with the police when I moved to my new home. 2.If they call the police and the police cannot identify me for the time being, will they recognize me when I do police registration "WHICH I have to" at the police station? I am very sorry to say that I have had this behavior in more than one store but it is of low value. Though I didnot get caught but I assume they has email my face with mask to the police station. 3.Will there has any other problem I may need pay attention in short or long term? Afterall, I realize it is a serious behaviour problem and mental illness condition now, but I ignored it at the time.I'm already seeing a therapist, working on it step by step. I had a decent life, and though I had gone through a low point, I realized what was wrong and decided to grow up, change my life, get up and make amends. I hope my verbose confession doesn't bother you. Any advice would be appriciated!! Best,
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