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  1. I am not bothered about keeping it. I would like to return it and get a full refund. I was just worried that the paper I signed is legally binding and would mean I therefore cannot take him to small claims court Thanks for responding
  2. Hi lovely people, Situation: I purchase a black 2007 mini cooper on Sat 5th March from Colnbrook Motors. I had it inspected by Click Mechanic prior to purchase and received a full report. Couple of issues like needing a service and windscreen wiper but no alarm bells. Dealer did the service, RH wheel and wipers. The owner gave me £250 discount as 12k mileage had been removed in 2020 which I discovered when I ran a financial check. Wasn't bothered as I don't intend to sell on the car. I bought it just for school runs as a second car now we have moved to a more remote part of the UK. All good so far. The very next day I went to start the car and it didnt start first time. This happened the following day too so I got another mobile mechanic out to take a look at the car. He said that there is an issue with the coolant (car doesn't heat up internally; car fan turns on immediately even if only run for 30s) or the head gasket is going (oil water mixing residue on cap and pipes into engine.) Obviously I was alarmed as head gasket is expensive Wed 9th I called the dealer. Was told someone would call me back (they dont have an email) and no one did, I called today. The owner Sunny got incredibly aggressive and said my mechanics are crap and I am paranoid. He will see me in court as I signed a legally binding contract (attached). I understand the CRA 2015 and know that Sold As Seen isnt a thing that dealers can hide behind, but given I signed something I am now not sure if I have a leg to stand on. I managed to calm him down and he has agreed to look at the car this coming Wed at noon and show me all is ok. And a one point he said he would fix it but there wont be a problem as I am being paranoid. Does anyone have any advice from here - esp. about the contract piece as I think it affects the way I play this? Thank you so much in advance, Alex Colnbrook Paper.pdf
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