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  1. UPDATE….. so I took advice and didn’t reply nor did I hand over my details. he contacted me via text message numerous times in a short space saying he needs to make the claim. he has finally text saying he’s informed them that I’m unwilling to give details so the insurance company is handing it over to the legal team(scare tactics I presume) what do you guys suggest now? thank you for your help and advice
  2. Hi there I hope I’ve posted this in the correct place. I have been self employed and doing work for a company up until 5 weeks ago. They supplied a van which I was a named driver on. About 2 years ago I had an accident by hitting a fallen tree in the dark and did some damage to the van(which at the time the bloke from the company said don’t worry we will fix it which he never did) now Ive left and started up my own business 5 weeks ago he’s now wanting my drivers licence number in order to claim for the van as he says they're writing it off as it would be cheaper. my question is do I need to give him my details and would this affect my new or future policies. Cheers
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