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  1. They gave me three options: full refund and they collect the item so i have to pay to get someone to remove it and buy a new one. a replacement item but i have to pay to remove and reinstall a new one. the partial refund of £100.
  2. If i got a full refund and keep the item i dont expect them to be liable for anything further. That is sort of the point. I am happy with that if i got a full refund. If it has to be removed and replaced i am not paying for the cost of that which amounts to the same cost as the item. So why not just refund me £250 and leave it at that?
  3. I purchased it within the last 6 weeks on Victorian Plumbing website and it was fitted last week. There is no contact number for victorian plumbing and everything is done by email. It is really frustrating. I am happy to keep the item provided I get a full or almost full refund for it as the warranty is now invalid due to a different part being fitted to it. The cost of removing and replacing is the same as what I paid for it so I don't understand why they are making this complicated. If they gave me a full refund then they have no further liability if something else goes wrong. Notwithstanding, the fact that the plumber got scalded in the process. They are lucky, at this point, I am not pursuing that as a claim.
  4. Hi all, New to this website. Can anyone give me some advice? I bought a towel rail from an online store, plumber fitted it, chased out the wall/re-plastered it etc. Fired up the central heating to check it worked and a valve on the side came off and sprayed boiling hot water everywhere, scalding the plumber. He had to go and buy another valve (non-manufacturer part) and managed to sort it. I complained to the company and they have given me three options; a full refund and they will collect the towel rail, or an identical replacement (they haven't agreed to pay fitting costs), or a partial refund of £100 and I keep the item. However, if I keep the item and take the partial refund this invalidates the warranty if anything else goes wrong. I am arguing that if they replace or refund, I then have to spend another £150-200 getting a plumber to reinstall the towel rail. The item cost me £250. I have asked for a full refund and I keep the item because it was faulty and also caused an injury to the plumber. I don't see why I should have to pay the cost of a days labour to remove and refit another item and seeing as this amounts to the same cost surely it would be easier to just refund me the whole amount for it. Any advice would be greatly received. I may be wrong but I thought I might be entitled to some form of damages if they have breached contract with me as I will now be out of pocket to replace and fit the new item. Thanks
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