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  1. Update. Received a letter informing me the case is 'on hold' while they request docs from ENBD. Quelle surprise. Funny seeing as they said they had all the 'invoices' and docs in previous correspondence
  2. sorry for causing you more admin work dx100uk. I can't remember where i read it, but they have had a fair few complaints to the FCA regarding this apparently. as you advised in another thread i'll wait to near the 30 days and send off the reply for more info. will update if/when i receive anything back. thanks again
  3. Thanks, will do. @dx100uk thats great, cheers! FYI Thanks J+P letter of Claim.pdf
  4. Hi, First of thanks for the advice that has been made in previous threads. I left dubai in 2009. A couple of weeks ago i received a letter from j & p solicitors (I've had no correspondence with IDRWW previously) saying they are acting on behalf of emirates and want to recover a debt. I didnt reply to either letter (sent 7 days apart) as they included zero evidence or details and was frankly word salad. Now 8 days after the second letter, i have received a LOC with a reply form and PAP. The letter also states I have been provided with coppies of agreements/invoices raised by the client (i havent), and to let them know if i want copies sent to me. As per the advice on another thread, its best not to ignore this one but dispute it and ask for proof. Is it better to use their reply forms or write a letter saying i dispute and ask for a letter of proof etc? TIA
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