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  1. Thank you, I will search and read other Hermes stories in this forum. Yes I am in contact with Hermes via emails; they just say "sorry for the inconvenience caused" and that's it, so I sent them another email this afternoon and I am waiting for their response. Thanks.
  2. Yes, I have a receipt from the parcelshop where they wrote the number of parcels as "3". But Hermes confirmed that under that tracking number from parcelshop's receipt there are indeed just 2 parcels recorded, not 3. The third parcel is non-existent, it did not enter Hermes's network. All three parcels have their own tracking number, the other 2 parcels were successfully delivered. They were returns to retailers, prepaid return labels used. The lost parcel's contents is not anything valuable, just jigsaw/puzzle, £10 value. But it's about the principle, and stealing. I am sorry for the solid block of text in my initial post.
  3. Hello. I was returning 3 parcels to retailers via Hermes, dropping them off to a Parcelshop (Jacob-Londis). 2 parcels to Amazon, and 1 parcel to Regatta. In the parceshop they gave us the blue receipt, saying they have logged all 3 parcels to 1 receipt. But when I checked the receipt's tracking number at home, online, I can see that actually only 2 parcels are logged for this receipt. I tried to track the third parcel (I have a tracking number for it) and I could see that this parcel has not entered Hermes network at all. My husband went back to the parcelshop to ask about it, they said they don't know anything. I contacted Hermes and they confirmed that parcel has not ever entered their network, never has been scanned, they are unable to trace it as it has not been scanned anywhere. The parcel must have got stolen then, and I have no proof I did drop off this parcel at the parcelshop, as they lied to me saying they're all together on 1 receipt. I won't be able to receive my refund from Amazon as they haven't received my parcel, and it cannot be claimed "lost" because they haven't scanned the parcel at the parcelshop. There is a CCTV at the parcelshop, which could prove my husband brought 3 parcels into the shop that evening. Hermes says they are sorry, but that's all. So do I let the parcelshop get away with it? Won't Hermes take any action against the Parceshop? I guess it's my word against theirs. What to do?
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