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  1. BigMW have now accepted the rejection and said they are awaiting a response from finance co.
  2. Hi Dx Thank you both for your help with this. BigMW eventually towed the car on 17/03 then diagnosed the turbo fault and repaired it. Then finally on monday morning (28/03) rang me to say the turbo had been refurbished but the whistling noise was still present and it was "a quirk" of the car. They say their mechanic can find no fault with the car and that I should collect it. I have refused in writing, cc'd the finance company and asked for a refund.
  3. I've now sent a letter of rejection to both finance and BigMW. The car is still with the garage that diagnosed the fault. Finance company have said that they will investigate and this could take up to 8 weeks. As for a courtesy car, they said that I would have to liase with the dealer directly. Really concerned now that this will drag. The dealer said previously that they can inspect the car at one of their service centres. Do I ask that they collect it to have this done?
  4. Would you advise that I now assert my short term right to reject? with the finance company. Also would it be a good idea to hire a solictor.
  5. Yes, all the dates above are correct. Fault reported at 27 days, and taken to the garage at the next available appointment at the garage advised by the dealer. The car has been there since and it's been 2 days since I was informed of the diagnosis.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Unfortunately I thought I could only assert the short term right to reject after a diagnostic had been completed. the car is a 2017 Jaguar XE (43000miles). I paid £2k deposit and the rest HP from Blackhorse. I have done up to 2k miles so far. I'm worried if they repair themselves, they would use a reconditioned turbo. Can I insist they use a new one if agreeing to repair. I will email the HP provider and dealer today.
  7. I bought a car on HP on 25/01/22 and noticed a whistling sound when accelerating called BigMW who advised to report on 21/02/22 via their warranty app. The following day I was contacted by the warranty company and advised to take it to a Halfords autocentre to have the fault diagnosed. I immediately booked the first available appointment for 28/02/21 at my local halfords. I remained patient for an update and was called on 07/03/22 by the warranty company stating that there was a turbo fault, and that they would cover only the first £579 of a £1200 repair bill. I declined this and asked for the dealer to cover the cost at their expense, as the fault had been reported within the first 30 days of purchase. BigMW has now emailed asking to arrange for the car to be driven around 30 miles away to one of their service centres for inspection. Frankly at this point, I am inclined towards giving the car back requesting a full refund. I have not yet communicated with the finance provider. I would be grateful for help with the matter; do I agree to take the car in for inspection? I have been without a car and been using taxis since the car was handed into Halfords on 28/02. Do I arrange for my own independent inspection before taking the car to BigMW? And is my short term right to reject still valid? Since the fault was discovered within the first 30 days. I'd be grateful for advice on next steps in order to reject the car. Many thanks in advance.
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