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  1. I think I worded my post wrong! I cancelled the DD straight after I gave the notice, so technically I still owe them a month, therefore they do have grounds to collect this. Just wondering if they will bother for the sake of one months fee or if it’s unlikely that they’ll take it further!
  2. I recently cancelled my QHotels gym membership by email, which they confirmed had been actioned with the 30 days notice as per the contract. This was at the end of the month and as I knew the gym was closed for refurbishment for at least a week of the following month, I just cancelled the DD. They have now sent me a threatening letter asking me to pay this plus a £20 admin fee, which I ignored. Today the head office have called and emailed to chase up (neither of which I have replied to). Are they likely to take this any further? Should I just ignore?
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