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  1. That's exactly it. I have sent the link to the ones I could get in contact with. I'll urge them to come and write a post at least, as you say so people are aware and know there is somewhere to turn too. It has really helped us!
  2. Hi, Thanks again for your messages and help. As mentioned due to it not being my final decision my family member is going to go down the route of starting court proceedings to sue for their money/small claims court at this point.This being because the other 3 or so people we have now found are also going this way., She is also in the process of speaking with the police and as you mentioned to do. Just wanted to let you know as you asked above. If there is no outcome and as you mentioned before we she can come back for more advice, I think that is what she plans to do! I know it takes a lot to sit and help everyone especially when it's not your job, you've given us a lot of help which we weren't expecting (a lot of forums are not so helpful and knowledgeable) so we appreciate it. Someone has already gone to court with them this week. Will update soonest. Thank you
  3. Hello, I have not received a decision yet from my family member. We have looked again on trust pilot and there are more bad reviews. I have tried to contact them and to direct them here. I haven't heard back from any of the ones i was able to find as yet. Hopefully they will make their way here as well.
  4. Sorry for the confusion. I will speak to her and see which way she wants to go at this point she isn't doing well with anxiety/emotionally. As it will be her that needs to go ahead with anything further she will need to make the decision. I will get back to you asap with an answer.
  5. They have really not given much more advice than to work with them and send a letter asking for the money back. When she spoke to them again they said send a letter saying you'll start court proceedings and that she still have to give them the 2 weeks they ask for etc. But they could be asking for 2 weeks again and again till when! Not expecting them to fix all the problems but it seems there is no other assistance besides working with the dealership etc where they call all the shots. So thank you for your help, it has been really beneficial to us and doesnt feel quite so hopeless speaking to people who have more understanding of these situations. It has been valuable and we appreciate your time in speaking and giving advice. I will get in contact with the others and send them here if possible. I have to go to work so may not have WiFi/signal for a little while should I not answer. But will respond when possible through the day to any messages.
  6. Thank you both for your replies and help! I am going to speak with her today. Get her to check with the DVLA now that she has received the V5 paperwork. They had yet to try anything like this as she phoned before to check they hadn't tried changing it into their name. Also very understandable regarding the MOT station and an email to them may be a good idea. Are there any letters or rough draft letters abailable? Citizens bureau sent a copy but at the moment they don't seem to have anything available to resend regarding the MOT station. She has spoken to the insurance but I will get her to send documentation to them in writing as well as call them again. We would have no clue what they are doing with the car at this point. Would you suggest trying to get into contact with the other people that are having issues (Facebook page had 3 or 4 comments from another family and a few bad reviews - some of which were taken down etc)?
  7. Hi again, I've just been reading through the post you shared up above with the person who bought the van. I couldnt seem to see an outcome to it. However, in that instance the company was in the process of liquidation. As this company isn't, am I right to think that the company would still be our direct focus? Not the MOT station. Should this station be reported? We think these are linked. Page two ended with mention that the original op hadn't kept up to date on the thread. I understand they could just say they believed the MOT was done properly in their defence etc. It is good to know that citizens advice and trading standards are no help.. as these are what 95% of people have told us to contact personal and professional.
  8. Okay thanks for letting me know. I'll tell her to hold off on that and have a proper look into it etc before taking steps for that.
  9. Thank you for your help. Appreciate it! I'll spend time this evening and go through all the posts about the van and let you know and also SORN the car.
  10. Sorry, I didn't have access to wifi/signal this afternoon and was unable to get online to let you know i would send it asap. I am now able to post again. Here are the details - 22nd - Jan test drove the car in peterborough at motor firm and paid the deposit. 25th - Jan bank transfer of funds into the dealership bank account. 27th - Jan car was delivered after the MOT and windscreen had been fixed. 29th - Jan drove car and noticed the wobble and noise - took it to protyre for the wheel alignment, issues were noted by the mechanics, wheel alignment and tracking didn't help, told that they were shocked car was sold and that the break pads/disks had not been done as stated in the MOT. metal to metal and dangerous to drive. 29th - Jan messaged and called the salesman and told him there were problems 31st - Jan mechanic (who's letter I posted above) did inspection - suggested returning the car. 31st - Jan sent a messaged and said that I wanted to return the car as it was faulty and dangerous. Sent the letters from the mechanics, her own letter stating she wanted money back and car collected to the motorfirm email address. The director responded. Alot of back and forth emails, whatsapp messages and phone calls etc, getting them to agree to collect the car. As well as posting a registered letter (CAB told to do this) which was accepted by and signed by someone at motor firm. After this the director emailed from company email to say that they will have it collected and refunded 24-48hrs after collection. 6th - Feb Car was collected by the salesman that delivered and who we have seen and has been to our house etc. He signed paperwork stating the car is now in their possession, they have it and they will be giving the refund within 24-48hrs. 6th - Feb received email asking for MOT certificate and that the refund could only be done when she had V5 back from the DVLA so that it could be put back into the company name. 3rd - March Received the V5 and emailed and whatsapp'd to say the V5 was delivered and to please pay the money and they V5 can then be completed online for them. Director replied to say it would not be done until the following Monday (7th March) and when asked why the reply was that it just wouldn't be before then. 7th - March - She messaged to say that there was no receipt of payment for the car. 7th - March - Director responded that the salesman's mom had passed and that he had left to his home land, and would only be back in 2 weeks, and that they could only do the transfer when he was back. When questioned on this as he is the director and should have access to funds and legal help would be sought (someone also phoned to see if the salesman was in the office to talk too) the director whatsapp'd and said that it will only be in 2 weeks, seek legal advice thats fine, and don't call the sales line as he will contact the police and report her for harrassment. She didn't reply. That is now where we are at and where I came and found this website and you helpful people. I can get dates for messages and emails but I need to go over and get those if necessary.
  11. Well yes, we will know this now going forward now. She has sent the MOT certificate through now which she got when they delivered the car. I have attached it now. She is try to access the most recent MOT online as we never received a copy of this after they collected the car. Thanks again for your help with this. I will suggest SORNing it. IMG_20220309_094934-converted.pdf
  12. We went to the dealership, she paid £1000 deposit to a private bank account. Received a written receipt immediately. Did the bank transfer and the director phoned while it was being done. The director confirmed through a personal whatsapp number (which they have been communicating through since payment till now this is the person listed on companies House) that it was done and money received, as well as the bank transfer slip from the bank. The bank account is in the business name - motor firm ltd. We advice not to buy privately, read reviews and go through a dealership, she found the car she wanted. We checke it out, test drove, looked at MOT details. No one expects to be scammed by a dealership. She said she had a receipt but then I realised it wasn't a written receipt but via whatsapp and the bank slip.. She is very stressed with it all. She is working and paying for the car, insurance and tax. Should she SORN the car do you think?
  13. She doesn't have a written receipt for the bulk amount paid, but she has the bank confirmation slip that the money was paid into their account and a whatsapp confirmation from the director to say it had been received. She does have a written receipt for the deposit.
  14. Hi,. Thanks for the info! I will send the link through for her to look at. I know the mechanic we see had a check but possibly not the land registry. She has a receipt for the money and the receipt for the deposit they asked for. The deposit was paid into a different account (private account) and the bulk payment of the money was paid to the company bank account in the company name. She is speaking to the sole director of the company. He is the one that was on the phone to make sure the money was paid across and who she has been speaking to all this time who keeps delaying now.,
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