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  1. You can close it for good. I'm not gonna be the mouse being swatted around by a clowder of cats. My mental health had no idea that a member of your site was going to give me the "poor little me" insult. I certainly wouldn't have attempted to trust your site if I knew that was possible. I have to avoid negative triggers and choose my battles. I have no option but to walk away from people who want to know that and make my battle harder with insults and ignorance. dx was bang out of order sending my head spinning. bazza, this is none of your business. honeybee, if the reason for being here was stuck too and the reason for me taking small steps was just held as a factor, this may have worked. But I can't do this whole hoard of failures with EVRi ebay a buyer and cag cats who even remotely think my mental health is up for discussion. I was doing my best. bye
  2. wow, so anyone can wade in here and dictate stuff. ok, https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/ I consider myself banished
  3. 'poor little me' got my head going round in circles. please don't talk to me ever again.
  4. I have finally managed to make contact with EVRi/Evri by going via the tech support for collection points line who transferred me to a real person. They have set an investigation starting with the delivery driver because the buyer has claimed no receipt of the parcel. The reality here as I know it : I did nothing wrong. Lost goods, lost funds. Buyer did nothing wrong. (until now where EVRi say they delivered the parcel and they deny it, which doesn't mean they have done anything wrong) eBay did nothing wrong according to their policy. Refunded the buyer in good time. A shame they have a careless attitude since they forced the hand and have no intentions of helping resolve the situation they intended to profit from and in my opinion are owed for, from the purchase and failure of purchase. EVRi held parcel somehow for 6-7 weeks. In that time did nothing they were supposed to do after giving me and accepting back the completed claim for and ignoring it beyond the 30 days they were supposed to deal with it in. Closed the case for customer support to contact me. Nothing happened. They have contract with eBay via Packlink and know full well this parcel would be refunded under eBay policy so had NO rights ignoring me and my claim and then giving the parcel to the intended recipient, way beyond deadline. eBay could have helped connect with EVRi. The buyer either did nothing wrong or indeed got the parcel and is lying. EVRi failed at numerous points. I did nothing wrong. I still think EVRi are the key failure here, even if the buyer lies and indeed got the parcel. That issue is for EVRi to deal with given facts. They knew.
  5. Well that's me persecuted for having depression, trying to rebuild and being robbed along the way.
  6. No message reply on ebay from the buyer. No call back. My calls now aren't being answered.
  7. Looks like a council house. I have just found two phone numbers on the ebay refund sales record. One didnt answer, but the other did. A guy answered and I explained. He said the lady who purchased it will be back about 6-6.30
  8. Sorry I wasn't trying to, I mean I am not hopeful they will even reply since they have had the item 10 days and kept quiet.
  9. Yes, just now. But I am not hopeful since they had the item delivered 10 days ago and said nothing.
  10. I am trying to put some energy into this to clear it up. I have done nothing wrong and two multi million pound companies are acting as if they don't have to speak. I have no idea if the buyer is going to either but I am £48 out of pocket.
  11. so reluctantly i check in today to see what the deal is with this... and it turns out the item sold was eventually delivered 10 days ago, 6 or 7 weeks later. So I have called ebay and messaged the buyer. Tracking shows a photo of the parcel with my return address showing, going thru a letterbox. buyer - hasn't said a word but has long been full refunded ebay - insist they have no dealing with this after 30 days evri/EVRi - have nothing to say so now it looks like they can just pretend your parcel is lost for 2 months and wash their hands of you I really can't be handling this and instead of clicking Submit Reply, I accidentally click the blue button on an advert below and I am being ushered to speak to an automated 5 solicitors online "Just Answer" and told to pay £5. What the hell is going on
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