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  1. Hi, Cutting a long story short, I got caught speeding in my company car - I never received any paperwork (long standing issue with my address and the post) ended up with 6points and having the princely sum of £816 taken from my salary for what should have been a fixed penalty via the HMCTS - contacted them and ended going to court to for a statutory declaration - this was accepted and the original offence was dealt with there and then (something I didn’t think was going to happen) - reverted to 3 points and a £300 fine (court costs and victim surcharge!) when enquiring as to how I apply for the refund of the £816 I was met with the response that “they are not there to give me legal advice” and perhaps I should “Google it” ! I did this and printed off forms for an HMCTS refund - scanned and emailed them and have had a response stating that: The fee does not fall within their remit. And given that my hearing was held on 25.02.22 and the majority of the fees their team handles falls outside of this date it is unlikely to fall under our remit! Only thing I can find on the Internet states that I have 20 days to apply for the refund ………… but where to apply remains a mystery. any help on whom to contact to claim this refund would be greatly appreciated, ……….. if it wasn’t our great injustice system I’d seriously think it was a scam !!!
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