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  1. Yh I had to pay to send the letter 1st class recorded delivery I’m not too sure the exact time frame when I got my money back I just know it was within a week. I didn’t get any notification that my account was unlocked I logged in one day and saw my funds had returned
  2. Barclays Bank Free post Barclays Customer Relations Dear Sir/Madam, RE: Formal letter of complaint Account Number: Branch Sort Code: 03/03/2022 I am writing in regards to my account which has recently been frozen without prior notification. Since 28th February I have been having the following problems: I have spoken to your customer service team in regards to my account and I was notified that my account is frozen and it’s currently been reviewed. The staff were unable to tell me any info as to why my account was frozen and unable to inform me when the investigation would be over, so that I can have access to my account. This has meant that I have been unable to access my account to make any direct debit as well as pay for my daily living. Having been with your bank for well over 10 years, in which I have both savings and current account with the company.Neither the staff or anyone within your bank are willing to assist me as to why my account was frozen without any communication from the bank. I think it is appalling the way I have been treated without any information or communication from yourself as to what is going on with my account. The fact that I have been unable to withdraw money from my account has had a significant impact on both my mental well being and my inability to pay bills or make payments . Please respond within 7 days, if you fail to respond, I will consider taking the matter further. I can’t remember where the letter was sent to but I think it was somewhere in Leicester
  3. Over the phone complaint is useless I did the same they couldn’t even tell me what the issue was. defo send the letter I’d say
  4. I checked Cifas last week just to make sure but the report came back empty but at that time my account was still open now it’s completely been closed I’ll check again. and once the letter had been sent within and delivered within a week I got my money back and it was in my account. I just transferred it to my other accounts once they said they would close my account
  5. Yhh I did thank god for that I had to send them a letter complaining about their poor services and how it’s affected me mentally. However they did close my account shortly after I got my money back
  6. Thank you so much for that it was in so much detail and has given me a lot to think about much appreciated
  7. At the time I didn’t have the savings the money is from gambling and I don’t always win I’ve just been on a winning streak of late
  8. Sorry what does dwp stand for ? thanks for the information I’m setting up new accounts as we speak
  9. I thought as much but just due to the fact I haven’t had any contact with them or they haven’t notified me about the situation is what’s worrying me
  10. The transfers would usually be anywhere between 3-6k and it would be direct from their bank account also the cash deposits would be around 3-5k usually once a week but sometimes twice
  11. I’ve been making cash deposits into my account since I was 18 I’m 28 now and there has never been an issue the only difference I can see now is that I’ve been receiving transfers from people I have sent money previously but it’s literally money I’ve sent them and around 2 weeks later they have sent me the money back What’s the possibility that I will get my money back and what can I do to ensure I don’t lose all of my money ?
  12. Hi I really need some help today Barclays have removed all my money from my current and savings account in total I had around £53k which is all the money I had with no notice. I called them up to find out what had happened and all they have told me that my account is under review, they can’t tell me how long it’ll be under review for or why it’s under review, this is my main account with all my direct debits coming out of as well as my universal credit being paid into there, I don’t know what to do I have no money to do anything at all I’m at rock bottom and Barclays won’t help me at all, I’m really stressed out and I just don’t know what to do next. is my account going to get closed ? Will I get my money back ? I’m really lost and confused right about now and I can’t focus or do anything because this is all I keep thinking about all I want is my money back what should I do ? What can I do ?
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