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  1. Email has been sent to Evri about asking for their copy of the contract with the parcel broker. If by any miracle Evri answers to that, I will update here.
  2. I did not know this is something that Herpes (EVRi) can provide me just like that! I will email them before the mediation, as I've got a feeling EVRi will try everything to avoid paying me a penny back. Thanks for the tip again!
  3. Your appointment details Claim number: J4QZXXXX; Parties: Mr David XXXXX XXXXXXX v Evri Europe Gmbh; Appointment date: 13/07/2022; Appointment time slot: 13:00 - 15:00 I'll be back with all details in 2 weeks time how the phone conversation went and what is the outcome.
  4. Evri has sent their N180 to me just now. It looks like they are quite busy this year until 31-10-22. I can upload it in PDF if needed, just let me know please. My paper copies of N180 should be with Court and with Evri by tomorrow if all goes fine.
  5. I'm now filling out the Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claim Track sheet and will be sending it back to County Court Business Centre today with 1st class signed and tracked letter. On the first page under the section of Take Notice That there is something that has caught my eyes: You must by 20 June 2022 complete the small Claims Directions....and serve copies on all parties. To whom should I serve these copies?Evri? Or is it something that would go to witnesses if there were any? Sorry but I'm a bit confused
  6. Thank you for your reply BankFodder! You have suspected it very well, I need to do the reading asap. I'll be back soon
  7. Defence_from_Hermes_01_06_2022.pdf Here we go, I've needed to wait a lot to finally read that they won't pay me a penny Any good advice what could I do from here?
  8. Yeah, it looks like they aren't aware of that who is who and don't even pay attention to reading theirs complaint/claim letter first till the name at least. However once I receive their defence will upload it here in PDF.
  9. Being busy with my kids lately (twins 7 weeks old), but this is how far I've gone so far since last update: 8th of April, Letter of Claim received by Evri by post (EVRi) 8th of April Email had been sent with the same Letter of Claim to Evri 13th of April Evri had responded and named me Tom Simpson (does anyone know him?) I had answered to Evri with my phone number and informed them about my name, no reply since. 26th of April as of today, Money Claim Online, claim has been filled against Evri claim_consumeractiongroup.pdf Evri_Reply_Tom_Simpson.pdf
  10. thank you, I will drop the letter off at my local post office tomorrow with 1st class tracked etc
  11. No, I would not do that without having a green light from here So how is this claim of mine, would this be ok, or should I reword it or change anything in it?
  12. Good afternoon BankFodder, Thank you for your prompt reply! I'm sorry for the delay in answering and preparing my Letter of Claim, I've just been very busy nowadays. I believe I've put everything into my Letter of Claim, please see that attached to this message. The only thing I was not sure is the ‘gesture of good will’ part, As EVRi has paid me £20, I recon that can be subtracted from the total. Please let me know if there is anything that I have to change or re-word in it. Thank you for your help! Hermes Parcelnet Limited_Letter of Claim.pdf
  13. Hi all, I have jumped into the same boat as some others here on the forum. After many successful parcel sent by EVRi Hermes this time they have lost my parcel. Of course silly me did not purchase full cover for it, and of course this time I was silly and brave enough to send a parcel that costs over £1000 with them first time ever and there you go... My long story is: 10 Feb 2022 6:36am At the national sorting hub 9 Feb 2022 8:11pm Entered the EVRi EVRi EVRi EVRi EVRi Hermes network 9 Feb 2022 12:14pm Collected from the ParcelShop 8 Feb 2022 5:36pm Dropped off at the ParcelShop 8 Feb 2022 5:20pm Order placed 8 Feb 2022 5:20pm Tracking number provided After 10th of February the parcel started to come and go between wrong sorting hubs. The parcel was supposed to be delivered by 12th of February which obviously never happened. On 13th of February my purchaser started asking about the parcel and asked me for refund instead of waiting for the parcel to ever turn up. After a few days of emailing to EVRi Hermes asking what is going on finally I had my answer, the parcel had been sent to wrong locations which was clear based on the tracking anyways. I had asked EVRi Hermes to re-rout my parcel back to me as my purchaser did not want it anymore. On 17th Feb 2022 at 4:51pm there was a new update: 'Label Reprinted' On 19th Feb 2022 at 6:38am there was again a 'Routed to incorrect depot' On 21st Feb at 07:04am my purchaser was fully refunded by me through Ebay. On 23rd Feb 2022 at 12:42pm there was the last 'At the national sorting hub' update. And since 23rd Feb the only updates are: 'Claims code issued' and 'Enquiry resolved' like a lot of them. After long emails to EVRi EVRi EVRi EVRi EVRi Hermes the final answer was received by me on 09/03/2022 02.42 PM saying 'Unfortunately this parcel has become lost in transit.' On 17/02/2022 02.12 PM I had received the following: 'I would like to also process a refund of the postage fee paid and as a gesture of good will, I would like to increase this payment to £20.00' However a couple of days later I had sent my bank details to EVRi EVRi EVRi EVRi EVRi Hermes and I had received that £20, nothing more. At that point I was still hoping my parcel would turn up one day. Since all of these happenings PackLink has sent me an email about I could start processing my claim with them to have £25 for my lost parcel, I have not done this of course as EVRi EVRi EVRi EVRi EVRi Hermes has lost my graphics card that was sold for £1070 through Ebay and that £25 would not make happy at all. I'm now preparing my complain to them, as the first step of kicking back. I'm more than happy to upload it to here before I send it for them for you to see if all ok etc. Second step will be the letter of claim and wait for 10 days and after will start filling the small claim court form if I'm correct on this one. I have read several stories here about EVRi Hermes, so it gave me some hope I could have my money back somehow.
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