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  1. I've written this up, please feel free to make any suggestions. Should I email both to the court and TFL? Dear to whom it may concern, my case is x. I received a letter in January, asking me whether I wish to plead guilty or not to my case and if I wish to attend court. I pleaded guilty and stated that I wish to attend court. I believed that attending court was necessary in order to show remorse for my actions and receive a fine that was less. I’ve been summoned to court to attend a Case Management hearing, despite pleading guilty. I now understand that attending court and pleading guilty is not possible with a single justice procedure. I apologise for this confusion. I do not wish to waste any of the court’s time or resources. As a result of this confusion it has negatively impacted my mental health and has caused my anxiety to heighten. I would please like to come to an out of court settlement in order to end my anxiety issues. I offer all costs and fares and any reasonable admin fees in settlement for you not to continue this any further, and to not give me a criminal conviction. This would greatly benefit my mental health and show compassion to me and my family.
  2. Ohh I see, thanks for clearing that up for me. Do I directly email the court then?
  3. Hi Bazzas, thanks for your reply! I'm still confused though because I did tick guilty. I also never was asked to do any interviews under caution
  4. Hi Man in the Middle, Sorry that was my mistake, it was the court that did, not TFL. But i did state that I am guilty and I want to come to court. I've gotten another opinion that they might have mistakenly put my case as a not-guilty one, although I 100% have stated that I'm guilty. I have emailed the single justice system, hopefully they correct this because it seems they're treating this as a case where I pleaded not guilty. I've gotten the date for my court summons, it's in April.
  5. Hi Dx, I've attached it onto this. When I was questioned at the station, they asked me what I would have used instead and I said a student card but I only use my debit card. Maybe this is why they want a Case management hearing? TFL 28.02.22 all.pdf
  6. I was caught at the end of August by an undercover TFL person, he asked me what card I used and told him honestly that it was my mums. He then brought me to another person who took my details and asked why I used it and I said it was a mistake. They then sent me a letter which I had to respond to within 10 days, and did. They then sent me another letter about court and if I wished to plead guilty and I did plead guilty for it and to attend court. I did state it was me who used it, and it's a freedom pass. I've used the freedom pass countless times. And are CMDs bad? The court is at Lavender Hill Magistrates Court.
  7. Hi dx100uk, this is everything, the rest is just 'you are summonsed to attend the court sitting at' then it says the address. And of course the rest is my name and address, which is why the picture is cropped haha. The back page is just about advice and help and that I need to arrive 30min before my court hearing.
  8. Hi everyone, I've gotten a letter from TFL to attend court because I was caught using a freedom oyster card that wasn't mine. I've emailed twice for OOC and I've not received a response. But I wanted to ask about the letter, I've attached it onto here. The reason they gave me to come to court is to identify the issues in the case then fix a trial date. So will this mean I will have to attend court again after this? I thought it was just a one time occurrence. stc letter new.pdf Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you!
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