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  1. BankFodder, Thank you for the reply. I went through the 'fake' Royal mail appeal processes and just got denial of any wrong doing. I wrote to my MP, Aaron Bell pointing out this as an example of large companies running consumers round in circles and stating current policies are not ensuring the public are respected and not abused. He just fobbed me off. Afraid I like many, just did not have the time to take this further. They sent a cheque for £100 which I ripped up and photographed as part of my further response to them and the MP. They sent a replacement cheque for the same £100. I gave the £100 to the DEC Ukraine fund and told Royal Mail and the MP Ukraine is an example of what happens when morals are left behind. Best wishes to all and especially those who go to the end and fight these companies. Rob
  2. Hello all. Thought I would share this disappointing tale. I booked a tracked 24hr service online for RM to collect next day bringing the label. A service they promote on their website. I had used this a couple of times in the weeks before for items sold on ebay. It worked although delivery was over a week not next day in each case. On this occasion a different (but regular) postman knocked. I handed him the small parcel but he held it up to 'check it out' but unlike previously did not apply the sticky label and scan it at the door as is the process. He just started to walk off with the parcel. I asked him if he had the label, he replied yes but carried on walking, got in his van and drove off. All of which is captured on my home CCTV. I was immediately concerned. Then, a few hours later I get an email stating the collection had not taken place due to no access. So I try to raise a query via the RM online system. You get fobbed off as its not been more than 10 days. I did manage to get to a complaint form after some effort. I got an automated response saying they will respond in 72hrs They did not of course. The tracking never changed from RM awaiting receipt of the booked parcel. The recipient never got the parcel. After further chasing I got a fob off from RM I wrote to my MP who wrote to RM who eventually fobbed him off , he then returned the favour by fobbing me off. The line taken being, the parcel did enter their system, but unfortunately the tracking system did not register it, and by a yet further coincidence the parcel must have been lost. I pointed out the following. 1. A label was not applied at the door as is their process 2. The parcel was not scanned at the door as is their process 3. I get an email saying it had not been collected when my cctv proves otherwise 4. I paid for a tracked service which did not happen at all 5. The parcel never arrived. Rather too many coincidences do you not think? Breach of contract? Unfortunately the missing item was a rare and irreplaceable vintage turntable part. It was worth about £400 although I had sold it to the recipient for £220 so he could return his unit to working service. I refunded his money and apologised. Something Royal Mail are not willing to do for me. They offered £100 as the max under the services Insurance. I advised this was not acceptable as the item was never tracked in the first place, simply taken from my hands never to be seen again. Mr Hogg (RM customer relations) wrote in his letter to the MP that I could take up the matter directly with him if I was not happy about their conclusion, yet failed to give any means of direct contact. Seems drawn out legal action is my only option. It has been escalated to their postal review stage which will of course also fob me off. They sent a cheque for £100. No doubt often people have little choice but to cash it as have bills to pay. I tore up the cheque and sent RM the photo repeating that I do not accept their findings. I tried to point out to my MP that consumers are sitting ducks and companies know they can play the long game with most people having to give up due to lack of time and resources. This was not a view he shared. The irony of the situation clearly not registering.
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