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  1. I'm thinking it will be easier to go after Hermes and prove to the court the seller will not accept a return due to time scale than it will be to prove that an item that has been sitting in a warehouse for 2 months wasn't working when I received it. Anyway let's see if they manage to find it...
  2. do you think I still have a case if they manage to suddenly find the parcel though? Remember the Hifi has no value now. That is the point of the thread and my question.
  3. oh I had to pay to return it myself, the seller did not offer a return service (it's a large item). I chose Hermes because of the cost, it was £50+ with DPD with insurance, Hermes was £21 but at least i did pay fore the max insurance.
  4. it was a brand new item purchased through Amazon using a third party market place seller. I ordered it on 21 November 2021and got delivered by DPD the next day...it stopped working a few weeks later the return window closed on 1st Feb 2022. Its usually just 30 days but Amazon was offering an extended window for the festive season i presume. as far as timeline for what happened with hermes is concerned: 11th January 2022 – carriage purchased along with full £300 insurance 12th January 2022 – parcel collected by local courier 16th January 2022 – delivery attempted and failed as business was closed (No further attempts to deliver or update provided since 18th January) 20th January 2022 – contacted Hermes support to check status 21st January 2022 – contacted Hermes support to chase status and request support - none offered 24th January 2022 – contacted Hermes support to chase status and request further support - none offered 26th January 2022 – contacted Hermes support to clarify status and advised parcel lost and to make claim 26th January 2022 – claim form submitted and advised response due within 28 days – never heard back 28th February 2022 - contacted Hermes support to chase claim status – unsatisfactory response given
  5. just to clarify the HiFI had already been delivered to me (the buyer) and I was attempting to return to the seller for a refund (because it never worked). The window for return has closed now. I'm worried Hermes will now find the parcel but technically it no longer has any value. Think i can still take them to court even they don't guarantee a time frame for delivery?
  6. Hi folks I’ve had a problem with Hermes recently, like so many others from what I read on this forum and I’d like your opinion on how to proceed. The short version is: I purchased a Hi-Fi from Amazon worth £378…it didn’t work so tried to send it back. Hermes lost it. I have paid for the insurance, but it only covers me up to £300. I made a claim over 28 days ago, but Hermes have decided to try and ignore me. Today I rang them threatening legal action. They are now suddenly very interested in finding my lost parcel, however the item no longer has any value as the seller will no longer consider a refund as the refund window has now closed. My question is this: do I bother mentioning this in my initial letter of intent, will it harm my case declaring the item no longer has any value due to the delay? Appreciate any feedback
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