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  1. I'll get the SAR going first and take it from there. Thanks
  2. Thanks dx100uk. But Hoist must have changed the date - the date on my credit report is showing as Dec 2018. I defaulted a long time before then as I couldn't keep up the repayments agreed. My credit report is showing as being poor - everything else is OK though - but according to a mortgage advisor I spoke to, apparently a lender is not likely to give a normal mortgage with a default in place. I'll SAR to MBNA then and see what they come up with. Do I need to contact Hoist?
  3. Having logged into the account, it's an ex-Idem ex-MBDA credit card debt. Thanks.
  4. Hoping someone can help with Hoist reporting on my credit file. I started getting the odd letter from Hoist Finance which I *think* may have taken over an old MBNA credit card. I got into real difficulties back in 2009, lost job, had wife and kids to support and literally had to live on credit eventually setting up a payment plan with Stepchange - life then got better. But, a default is haunting my credit report so we can't get a normal mortgage - I had to change to interest only to reduce monthly outgoings, but now can't get a normal mortgage because of this default. I stopped paying Hoist about a year ago and get a letter from them from time to time asking me to call them and pay. I owe £900. Firstly, how do I go about finding out where the debt has come from without admitting liability (I think it's MBNA) and secondly, any advice on getting a default removed? It's dated as December 2018 but this balance is much older than that when it would have been defaulted. This means another 2 years with a bad credit report. It's £900 and I'd pay it if I thought they'd remove the black mark. Any advice gratefully received. Cheers, F.
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