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  1. I thought any criminal offence would show on my DBS check and therefore would jeopardise my job. Im really worried about the whole situation, I haven’t told anyone about what’s happened, it’s on my mind constantly.
  2. Thank you for that, it is much appreciated! I’m going to lose my job and career unfortunately as a result of this. I’m absolutely gutted…. Been in the education profession since I’ve been 21 and I’m 37 now
  3. I really cannot afford a solicitor though, I work 3 days a week and struggle with three children.
  4. Right ok, I guess I have to plead guilty then. Will I have a criminal conviction? I’m terrified, having no sleep and anxiety is through the roof.
  5. No, I parked in a disabled bay when I shouldn’t have, so not much I can disagree with. Do I just plead guilty? Do I have to write a statement or anything?
  6. UPDATE…. Today I have received a letter to attend court on September 15th. Any advice much be really appreciated as I have to fill in a guilty/ non-guilty slip and send it back.
  7. Am I ok to come back in here when I hear anything for any further advice if needed? Also, thank you for your advice and help on the matter so far, it is much appreciated!
  8. I said I hadn’t done anything like this before but he kept going on about how I’d misused it and how it was fraud and I would be prosecuted! I explained that I was sorry and under a full understanding that I wouldn’t do anything like it again. He asked if I had any questions and I asked what happened next, he told me I’d hear off the council and be prosecuted. It’s honestly really worried me! Im hardly sleeping and it is on my mind constantly!
  9. To be quite honest the guy didn’t give me a chance in edge ways to speak. As soon as I got out the car he approached me and asked to see the badge. My son got out the car too as I was taking him to the pay machine to stop the arguments with my other son. I passed him the badge and typed him the details from there. He asked why I had used it and I tried to explain. He then took photos and said I would be prosecuted and read my rights to.
  10. Yes he took it off me and asked for my driving license. He took all my details down and I had to sign a piece of paper. He also took a photograph of my car and me.
  11. Yeah he said I would hear off them and would likely to be prosecuted! He read me my rights twice! I haven’t even got the guts to tell anyone because I’m so worried about the outcome!
  12. No, wouldn’t do anything like it again! Never did it before! I had driven around the car park and looked at the tariff and with the two kids fighting in the back of the car. I pulled in the disabled bay, put the badge in took one child out the car and then was going in the boot to get my bag to go and pay for parking when I was stopped! I know it was a silly thing to do looking back but at the time I didn’t think.
  13. Is it a police matter then or the council? Does anyone know what exactly will happen? I’m really stressed about it all! Haven’t slept and hardly eaten since it’s happened! Can’t believe I was so stupid!
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