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  1. Hi Dx Thanks for asking. I have been struggling with writing a letter to TFL in terms of the ooc - apart from deep apologies I dont really know what I can say... So I might decide not to make up any excuse but just be honest and wait for the court day?
  2. Thanks Dx, Thanks for your comments, I am fully aware of the extreme difficulty of getting ooc but really keen to try. also thanks for forwarding the threads which is very useful.
  3. Dear all, I am here because I am having a trouble with misuse of my father’s freedom pass. Firstly forgive I am not a native English speaker but I will try my best to describe the case clearly. I really don’t want to keep saying how stupid I was and I how regretted I am now coz it will not help but I do feel so. I was caught by a TFL detective on 03/12/21 when I was leaving the gate at Piccadilly Tube Station, subsequently I was led to a quiet place and questioned by the detective about the card, journey, contact details and etc, I told her truth apart from answering ‘ a few times’ to respond to her question ‘ did you use this Freedom card before?‘ - actually quite a lot. Few days later I received a letter from TFL asking for details again so quickly I filled and reverted it back by email within requested time. I left blank for the last section box because I didn’t know what I could write and didn’t take it seriously either. However, I have received another letter from Magistrates' Courts yesterday requesting me to attend court in May which has made me panic and scared now. TFL has tracked 82 journeys made by this card with very clear route pattern since middle of Oct until the beginning of Dec which were all done by me. That equal to actual value £311.20. I should be fined and should pay all the unpaid fares, however what I am really worried about is the criminal recode after attending the court. Having read threads here I know some people have successfully achieved OOC by directly communicating with TFL, I am going to draft a email now even I didnt write anything to respond to TFL's letter in first time. I will put my draft here soon for commenting. I have uploaded both letters here for your reference, and many thanks in advance if you could please kindly provide suggestions and advices! TFL letter from page.pdf MC letter front page.pdf
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