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  1. Yeah, I wish id brought it to a delivery point now rather than the DPD depot as it seems they don't weigh the items when they take them (or at least this depot doesnt). I can only hope at this stage then that the item weight is tracked at some point across the network prior to delivery. Il attempt a letter of complaint first to see if that affords me any joy but im fearing this one may be conspiring against me!
  2. Thank you for the response. I cant get the exact weight unfortunately but could get something approximate, its around 11kg so not light!! They didnt confirm weight upon receipt just that it was empty when checked. I will contact Lego again to confirm DPD's stance in regards who is responsible for the shipment and any such claim and see what their latest line is. Unfortunately DPD didnt weigh the item when they took it from me and cant find any weights from it moving along their conveyors. Also their camera footage only last 3 weeks so there will be no evidence of me struggling while lifting it! Had hoped the process would have ben a bit more straightforward, particularly given the size of Lego but alas. On a separate note, it was bought via my CC, is it worth contacting them?
  3. Thanks, Im trying to contact DPD now for some help, I have a friend that works for them and he suggested Lego has the contract with DPD so it should be up to them to claim, but in the meantime he is contacting their International to see if they can get an image of it travelling through the network. Lego are suggesting it should have been weighed when dropped off, but the DPD depot just take the box over a counter.
  4. I bought an item from Lego back in November and after a bit of time decided I didnt want to keep it (due to price - £699.99) and initiated the 90 days return. They sent me out a return label, asked me to box it up and drop it at my local DPD drop off. I left it with my local DPD depot on 10/01 and heard nothing more, nor did it update online. At the end of January I contacted Lego CS and they confirmed it had been shown as received and would be dealt with soon. I contacted again today (23/02) as I still hadnt had my refund, to be told that when warehouse inspected the boxes (I sent 2 items back in seperate boxes), one (the freebie) was received but the other box containing the £700 item was empty, so they can't issue a refund. I queried what to do and they have suggested I would need to contact DPD or my bank. Im pretty sure this should be for them to deal with not me and that was seconded by DPD as Lego are the account holder, but they are refusing to do anything. I have no idea at this stage what to do? Thanks for any help.
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