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  1. Had further correspondence today attached threatening CCJ through Northampton County Court. don’t want to risk CCJ will they file just to be spiteful? MAJOR LAW SOLICITORS 51 Quarry Street, Guildford, Surrey GUI 3UA Email: [email protected] Web: www.majorlaw.co.uk All telephone enquiries must be directed to ARC on their Customer Helpline. Tel: 01932 251040 Web : www.arceuropeltd.co.uk 399983692100000 Please Always Quote Re: Bannatyne Fitness Limited Balance: £361.93 Dear Madam, We act for Bannatyne Fitness Limited and have been instructed to contact you for recovery of the above debt which we understand is still outstanding. We have been referred to previous correspondence sent to you by ARC (Europe) Limited and are not aware of any reason as to why payment is not due. The balance due to pay now is £361.93. A County Court Claim can now be prepared against you for issue in Northampton County Court for the recovery of this amount. The following costs will be added upon issue: Debt Balance Court Fee Solicitors Costs Annual Interest (to be adjusted pro rata) £361.93 £59.00 £50.00 £28.95 TOTAL £499.88 As you can see the issue of Court Proceedings will mean that the amount claimed by our client could increase by £137.95. You are required to make a payment today. Please contact our client's agent, ARC (Europe) Ltd, directly via their website www.arceuropeltd.co.uk where you can make a card payment. For full details of how to pay ARC (Europe) Ltd, please visit their website. If you are unable to make an immediate payment or need to discuss your account further, contact ARC (Europe) Ltd by web chat via their website or call their Customer Helpline 01932 251040. You may want to seek independent legal advice or advice from a debt counsellor or the Citizens Advice Bureau or similar organisation on this matter. IF YOU IGNORE THIS LETTER WE MAY PROCEED TO ISSUE THE COUNTY COURT CLAIM IN 14 DAYS TIME AND WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE. Yours faithfully Majorlaw Ltd Solicitors MAJORLAW LIMITED is registered in England & Wales. Company Registration Number 8739618 Registered Office: 51 Quarry Street, Guildford, Surrey GUI 3UA Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA No.: 613812) Service of Court Documents by e-mail is not accepted
  2. This is latest correspondance From ARC what are your thoughts? there has been no acknowledgment of my letters.
  3. I have cancelled the membership on the grounds Iv'e moved out the area, but they claim because there is another club within 10 miles I can't cancel. I wrote to them to confirm that I felt it was unfair as there were 10 other gyms closer to my address for me to use and stated I didn't want to travel the extra distance, incur the extra costs and spend the extra time travelling to the club. The membership administrator then replied saying they would cancel on the basis of financial hardship and asked for wage slips, or a letter from my employer or benefits claim to prove I was in financial difficulty. I am not and find this to be rude and intrusive. Do they have any right to do this? Since that correspondence I have received a communication from ARC Ltd asking for the full balance of the membership. Based on what I have read on this forum I have prepared the following letters would you please advice me of anything you may add or leave out. To Bannatynes To ARC Thanks for your assistance I look forward to your input
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