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  1. I mean, I have no idea what the bill is between the 1st builder and the skip company. That was a separate agreement/contract with them alone. I paid the 1st builder to hire them as part of the original works agreement and contract. I'm not paying a liquidated company's overdue balance with a supplier... I quite like the idea of Section 12 of the Torts Interference with Goods Act 1977... how much notice would I have to give the skip company before they're deemed my property so I can get rid?
  2. Obviously want to avoid any legal action because of the costs..
  3. Hi, I own a commercial property based in the North that I've recently had converted. The contractor I hired ended up going through liquidation so had to employ a new one half way through. The project is now almost complete however, there are 2 skips lying around previously hired by the 1st builder. Of course, I want these moving but i'm being told by both the 2nd builder and the skip company that the skip middle-man company are refusing to move them (as are the company that actually own the skips), as there is a outstanding balance on the account of the 1st builder. They are refusing to remove them until that balance is paid, which it won't ever be because they liquidated. The 2nd builder is being very cooperative but obviously it's out of their hands, but as the builder currently appointed it's on them to finish the job to completion i.e. get rid of the skips. What are my options here? How do I get rid of these skips? Can I contact the council, police, etc? Thanks in advance, Dan
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