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  1. So the land and boundaries are all correctly documented with survey map under one title on the registry, but this has not been updated to be in my name as "We are processing multiple applications which, once registered, may change the information shown on this title." This shouldn't matter as the contact/registered address for the title remains unchanged, it's just the name of the previous owner still on the digital registry (but the property address, where I now live). That previous owner had also rejected the works already since the council officer refused to compensate him for the land they needed to build on, as did the neighbour that owned the land on the other side of the road. I did get a response from the council officer responsible for the works after digging around to find their name and phone number and they played ignorant saying "I know nothing about any fence or land, we just instructed the contractors to install a safety barrier on that road. They never mentioned anything about any of that." So no survey, plan, map, documentation, minutes, observations or site visit? Somehow doubt that... I will call back on Monday and request a site visit, and if unsatisfactory will file a complaint as recommended. My council is notoriously corrupt and has a history of victimisation and blacklisting complainants from equal access to council services and correspondence, so let's see how this goes...
  2. Hey guys, pretty short and simple story here but would appreciate some advice on how to proceed as my council is notorious for being a bit dodgy. I bought and moved into my house 11 months ago and it came with a large parcel of landscaped and well-maintained land on the opposite side of an A road. The land has been fully fenced in with stock fencing, two access gates for a sit on mower to cut the grass and a pedestrian gate opposite my main garden gate. It's a very beautfiul parcel and I maintain and use this land for exercising and training my working dogs as it's fully secured and free from any hazards. A speeding car crashed through the fence last year and wiped out a bunch of the stock fencing, which I hastily got a contractor in to repair and reinforce. Last week, a bunch of road contractors hired by the local council turned up, tore down about 70m of my fencing, dug huge holes into the rocky clay soil and then dumped the clay, road rubble, large boulders and my own (broken) fence posts and wire onto my land. They then drilled in some huge steel girders, wiping out my phone line in the process, and erected 70m of steel crash barrier. After they finished late at night they apparenttly tossed their used traffic cones, buckets and other bits and bobs into my field. Speaking to people in the local area apparently the guy who is responsible for the highways in the council had requested permission from the previous owner of my property, as well as the neighbout on the other side of the road, to widen the road to fit this barrier and both had asked for compensation in exchange and been declined and so the works had not been authorised. I don't even know where to start with all this. I'm pretty furious to say the least - I've logged a case with the council and am receiving zero traction via calls or emails. I've asked my community council to lodge a complaint as well. Obviously councils don't have convenient pages on their websites about 'what to do if the council trespasses, damages my property, completes works without permission, flytips,'. I'm now unable to use the land due to the fact half the perimeter is now fully open onto a 60mph road and there's concrete, clay, sharp wire cuttings, splintered fence posts, huge rocks I can't lift and all sorts of other trash strewn all over the place. Oh, and I work from home and now have no phone line and no internet, and Openreach need to get permission to close the road to fix the underground cable with no ETA. Any pointers? Thanks!
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