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  1. You are all correct, but we are without a car for the last 2 months , we can’t continue. oodle called us today, saying their final decision is to not cover anything and it will fall in our responsibility everything that has to be fixed it’s 2 hours 1 way to go to work and the cost is more than the fuel for the car
  2. Hi, yes sorry to update you so late so the report from Scotia came against us, saying the issue was not at the point of sale so 24/7 closed our case. oodle car finance it’s just saying they will call us but this is not happening for the last month. So we took the car to a garage, we will fix it and after will go in small claims court There is nothing else we can do about it
  3. Thank you for your reply. The timing belt should be changed after 5 years or when it has 90k km. Can you let me know if I can record the inspection? If the report will not come in my favour, what is the next step to resolve this?
  4. Hi, I bought a Volkswagen Passat CC 2015 2.0 TDI on 23/08/2021, through Car Finance 247 - Oodle Car Finance. The dealership is R&S Performance Accrington. On the 27th of Jan 2022, after 5 months, I was driving to work and suddently, the car started downshifting from the 6th gear until it stopped completely. We called the Recovery and took the car to a garage for a diagnosis which told me the timing belt snapped and needs further investigations to see if there are other issues with the engine. We raised a claim with Car Finance + Oodle Car Finance, telling them exactly what happened, and sending them the diagnosis and all the paperwork they asked for. After a couple of emails, Car Finance 247 told us the dealership took the full responsibility for the issues and they will cover all the costs. They told us to call the dealership to schedule a day to deliver the car so they can fix it. The dealership told us their legal team (Legal Solutions 4 u) will contact us for further informations. They said first of all we have to give them the car for a diagnosis and AFTER maybe they will fix it. We spoke with them at the phone for a couple of times, and they were really rude, aggresive, telling us the fault accured is not their responsibility. This attitude made us think they will do more damage to our car and definitely they will not fix it. After other emails with 247, we agreed will go with the car (on our expenses for the recovery) on 22nd of February to the dealership. On the 19th of February, Oodle Finance called us and we explained our concerns regarding the dealership may cause more damage to the car. Then, they said they will send a 3rd party to investigate the car, Scotia Vehicle Inspection, and this will be on the 22nd of February. We googled this 3rd party, and they have only 1 star review, and everyone is saying they are coming to investigate the car affirming that the issues are the dealership responsibility but when the diagnosis came it's absolutely the other way around : that everything was fine with the car at the point of sale and the dealership doesn't have to pay anything to fix it. My concern now is that this will happen to us too, this upcoming Tuesday, and wanted to ask if I can record a video of all the inspection? Just in case the written report will not be good for us and to have enough proof. In case the report won't be fine for us, what should I do? What are the next steps? To fix the issue will cost us around £2000 which to be honest I do not have to spare at the moment. I read the CRA 2015 and I know I have rights in this situation, because the problem appeared in less than 6 months from when I bought it. Also, there is no evidence the timing belt has been changed on time on the book service or any other documents that I have, and their report when I bought the car was saying the timing belt has been checked. I bought the car 97k miles, and when the problem appeared has 102k miles. From that moment, the car is in my driveway, as it is absolutely dead. Thank you for your time taken to read this long story, and looking forward to have an answer.
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