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  1. Update - mediation was this morning. It's been settled for the cost of the item (£370) plus the cost of court (£50) - £420 in total. I haven't got many details really of how the conversation went as I wasn't with my husband whilst he was on the call - but he said the mediator seemed very fair, went backwards and forwards a couple of times. Offered £303 initially, then the cost of the item, then my husband said he was prepared to go to court and take his chances so they settled on the item plus costs (not with interest). They have until the 26th May to make payment - husband is emailing the mediator with his bank details. Thanks for all the help from this site - couldn't have done it without you.
  2. Thank you so much for your help. I will keep you updated. I've been reading your other thread on mediation and the report from the guy who stood his ground back in October 2020. All very helpful.
  3. Thanks - I have completed the claim details and agreed to mediation. I will update you when this has happened. Thanks very much for your help
  4. Hi - hopefully the claim form is attached. The item was a sat nav sold on ebay, so have the details of the price/value. Yes, the item was declared and valued correctly Contracted direct with Evri They are rejecting the claim based on the insurance option not being taken and only agreeing to compensate £20 (plus the original postage). They have already refunded this amount, although they refunded by paypal who deducted fees. 280MC323-claim-form-claimant-copy (1).pdf
  5. Hi - we followed your advice around lodging a claim for a lost parcel with EVRi/Evri. Pre-action notice given, paperwork submitted to court. We have now had a response from Evri rejecting the claim and suggesting mediation. Can you provide advice about the next steps please? I'm presuming that we agree to the mediation, but do you have advice about what to expect? Thanks 280MC323-claim-response (1).pdf
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