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  1. Thanks dx Can you advise on what I could do from this point or anything I should say in my response to them? I have the consumer council for water involved but they have given Welsh water a chance to sort out the issue, but this is what they have come back with Thank you
  2. Time to bring this thread up to date: The CCJ is still currently being reviewed. The late payment markers have continued every month since December. Below is a message regarding the markers: "It may be useful to explain that when a Default is reported, the balance is ringfenced (credit entry 4248744801_000), and a new entry is created on a credit file for any charges raised after (4248744801_001). The Default entry has been deleted from your credit file because of the six-year rule, although we still needed to report that the balance hasn’t been paid. As such, the balance owing has been added to the second credit entry (4248744801_001), which is why you can now see this on your credit file. The late payment markers being reported, reflect the age of the debt. I’d like to reassure you that this does not subject the outstanding balance to a further Default. To summarise, whilst the Default is no longer showing on your credit report because of the six-year rule, we are accurately reporting that the balance remains unpaid. We’ll continue to share information about account activity (account balance and payments / missed payments) until the balance is paid" So my question is, are they legally allowed to do what they have stated above? They are just going to mark the account with a 6 payments missed marker every month forever if the alleged debt is not paid? All help very much appreciated
  3. I'm certainly learning something new here. So what information would a lender actually see regarding this account when they run they're own search? I imagine ww are going to continue marking the calendar with a 6 every month, although there hasn't been an update from them since December Thanks
  4. So would the calendar markers not be seen on future credit applications? I will be taking out a mortgage in September and although the CCJ will not stop me from getting the mortgage as I am using a specialist broker and a high deposit anyway, any late markers in the previous month's will affect my eligibility. It does appear to have hit my score although I'm not worried about that as much as it affecting the eligibility criteria, eg no missed payments in previous 6 months before application, no defaults in previous 12 months Thanks
  5. Yes thanks, I'll give them reasonable time to make a decision and then most certainly go down the set aside route. With regards to them adding the balance from the original account to the current one, once the default from the original one dropped off, does it even seem likely that they are allowed to do this? I know they have a CCJ for the entire amount but it appears they could now default me on a balance that they have already defaulted me on before Thanks
  6. Hi, thanks for your help the first account was registered by the landlord of the property in may 2014 and no payments were made, and so it eventually defaulted. Welsh Water then started reporting a new account to the credit reference agencies, to continue on from the defaulted date of the other account.(I've been told they report this second account as they cannot increase debt on a defaulted account) To clarify neither of these accounts should have been on my credit file, the second one simply replaced the first one, after it defaulted. I believe the CCJ covered both the accounts as it was heard in Nov 2017, but the amount was for all money owed from both accounts. Yes the defaulted account that dropped off, would have been part of the CCJ amount, and the rest from the second account that was opened. They were informed I didn't live at the address in 2017 but yet to this day are still reporting it on my credit file. My ex's landlord when registering her (and mine for some reason) details, used my surname for her, and so they then got a CCJ against that name even though the person doesn't exist. I believe this is why they are so reluctant to remove this debt from my name, as they know the other CCJ is unenforceable. Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. To cut a long story short I have a current complaint with Welsh Water regarding debt for a property I was not liable to pay the water bill for (ex partners house and landlord named me also while registering her name, after she took out the tenancy, and I ended up with a CCJ by default.) My current complaint with them is in motion and I have provided 4 documents from different periods of time showing I lived at another address, and I believe they are reviewing these documents. I had two accounts on my credit file, one of which they defaulted before opening a new account as they say it was for a new bill and they couldn't increase the balance of a defaulted account. The second account shows arrears also at the beginning before showing as okay every month for the last couple of years (due to my ex paying her water bill) Then this December gone due to the original defaulted account dropping off my credit report, they took the balance from the original account and added it to the current one, increasing the balance and therefore putting a 6 payments late marker on my credit file.(Straight to 6 from green) Surely they cannot be allowed to get away with this? My ex's credit file apart from the CCJ that was registered against us both shows green as she makes all her payments and on time now. Me on the other hand have now got late payment markers appearing on this account due to the balance from the old defaulted account being transferred across after dropping off my credit file. Has anyone heard of a similar situation and are they even allowed to do what they are doing? I'm hoping after they review my documents they will just agree to remove the accounts completely and also give me a consent form to remove the CCJ. However should they not agree I need to know where I stand with these new late payment markers. Any advice appreciated, Thank You
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