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  1. Again, thank you for your input. I’ve reviewed the letter and that section is actually correct, the technician opinion of the cushions being satisfactory related to the Sofology technician, not the independent inspection I commissioned. is this not clear enough? I am completely determined to getting this resolved through the courts. Poor choice of words when I said “see what they come back with”.
  2. Yes, at typo! I’ll send it recorded delivery tomorrow and see what they come back with. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Thank you for your help, it’s much appreciated. I have drafted a letter of claim as shown below. Do I have the right to request a refund, given the fact that my first complaint was made ten months after taking delivery, or is the best I can hope for now is another repair?
  4. I purchased a corner sofa from Sofology in September 2019 costing £1899. The sofa had a few faults, including issues with the quality of the seat cushions which sink to the point that it feels like your sitting on the frame, the frame was protruding against the material at the back of the sofa and stretching the material, and there were visible staples in the internal corners. Due to all the issues around Covid etc, I didn’t make a complaint to Sofology until July 2020, this was done via the Resolver website. Sofology replied quickly to my complaint and sent a technician to assess the sofa. The technician attempted to repair the protruding frame and rectify the visible staples. He insisted there was nothing wrong with the seat cushions. Stupidly, we took no further action at the time. Fast forward to September last year and I found that two of the structural, horizontal wooden struts at the back of the sofa have detached from the rest of the frame. I had an independent, qualified upholsterer inspect the sofa and write a report. He has identified the previous repairs, which, in his opinion were poorly done, he has also agreed that the seat cushions are poor quality and almost fold in half when sat on, and obviously he has highlighted the structural failure in the frame. I started another complaint using the Resolver website, uploaded a copy of the report and photos of the damage. However, Sofology have completely ignored my complaint and have not responded at all. Following the timeline advice on the Resolver site, I made a complaint to the Furniture Ombudsman on the 16th November last year. To date, Sofology have not communicated a response to the Ombudsman. I emailed them last week and they said they are still waiting a response. Im not sure what the Ombudsman deem to be an acceptable time limit for Sofology to respond, but I feel they have had more than enough time. So my question is where do I go from here? The estimate given by the upholsterer to repair the sofa is around £700, the cost of the report was £150. Can I proceed with a claim through the courts? The sofa was purchased on 0% finance through V12 Finance, I’ve not made any attempt to claim under section 75 as of yet. Thanks. Sent from my iPad Sent from my iPad
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