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  1. No I forgot to mention I did get a ccj but I didn't respond. I have no clue how to deal with it all. I got a letter stating the court has a warrant to collect monies I owe. Its from a county court it. The court has a warrant to collect monies that you owe on this debt. It is very important that you contact the court to discuss ways you can manage this debt If you do not contact the court to discuss this debt a bailiff will visit your home. This is your final chance to talk to the court to stop a bailiff visiting. Then it goes onto say how I can stop the bailiff from visiting me? Tells me to act now by calling the warrant of control support team. I was going to call them but I read online that If I contact them and offer to pay £5 a week they would refuse it as it won't cover interest? Many people have told me just dont talk to them. I dont know what to do. Call them and risk it and potentially make it worse. Because I can't afford to pay more than a fiver a week I'm struggling as it is. Or try dodge them for the next 6years. I read if you make an agreement and you break it they can get a locksmith to enter your home. If I knew they would definitely take the five pounds a week I'd gladly call them and pay it. Ok found out how to do it CC Final Reminder - Notice to Debtor.pdf
  2. Hi I am in a spot of bother and I don't know what to do. A couple of years back I got a catalogue, (never again) we are on benefits because of my health issues. We have 6 children and my husband is my carer My daughters best friend (16 at the time)moved in with us Due to family issues within her home. So we took her in. Things were ok at first and when Christmas came around I thought I'd use the catalogue to manage to cover most of the children's gifts. For a long time I was managing to cover the basic payments plus. At first I was meant to pay £40 per month minimum payment, so I thought I would pay £40 per week to get it paid off faster. I've never had a catalogue before so didn't have a clue. Even though I was paying over the minimum amount I was getting high charges (one being over £100 per month) I couldn't understand it but continue paying. At one point they said they made a mistake and the payments were meant to he higher. I struggled on. Then my sister who got the same catalogue said the same thing was happening to her Eventually Things got harder at home, some benefits had stopped. And benefits were reduced dramatically. My daughter has been doing a college course and is in her final year, but bc of her age her child benefits stopped, and she can't claim anything (ie universal credit) whilst in school. She did get a part time job working 2 days a week but then got let go because they stated they didn't have enough hours. I was receiving debt collecting letters but I threw them away because i knew I couldn't pay them as we are struggling to get by as it is. Now they sent a letter stating they are going to send the bailiffs. We have told our children not to open the door to anyone and now we will be locking all doors behind us when we come in. I read if the door is unlocked or window they can enter through the window or door. That horrifies me especially if i am home alone, Our children are constantly coming in and out and alsorts of scenarios are playing through my mind. Its 1.46am and I just cant sleep for the worry. Its not helping my panic disorder. I worry if I offer them £5 per month and that's pushing it, that they will tell me that it's not enough to cover the interest. If I call them and try set up a payment plan and I cant afford to pay it they will come take everything we have. They can't take my mobility scooter can they as its a lease through pip? Another thing I wander if we lock our back gate if they ask the neighbour if they can have access to their garden can they just jump the fence into our garden and enter that way, as I worry they may come when we are in the garden. The shared fence is only around 4ft Please can anyone advise? I dont think I've ever been so worried
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