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  1. This data can't affect me. It is just an order number. Can't be used also can be verify by them and it is proving that I'm telling the truth. Instead of asking to delete the post, they should ask for more information how they can help.
  2. I need help because Curry's employee are trying to block my attempts to recover my money. This is Curry's answer on Facebook Currys answer on Facebook.pdf
  3. Order: CUR208------------ SAMSUNG - ecobubble WW90J----------- This item is faulty and can't be repaired by Samsung. Samsung approve the refund of the item in January this year. The washing machine was collected by Currys on 28/01/2022 and the refund was approved by Currys on 06/02/2022. I made more than 20 phone calls to try to sort out this situation. Every time I receive the next answer: you will be refunded in 5-7 working days. Apparently, Currys has some people as employees who don't do their job properly or are instructed to delay until the customer will stop bother them, because of this, we, customers, suffer the consequences. So, dear Currys, I'm going to make public all the recording phone calls with your employees regarding this matter. Also I'm going to take all legal action required. People need to know how you treat your customers.
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