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  1. @BankFodder thank you, let me process this. Sorry for delay in responding - I have been been hit by flu pretty hard and recovery is taking time.
  2. full refund of redirection service cost - 42 GBP full refund of BRC (British Resident Card) replacement costs - 75 GBP a reimbursement of time spent by dealing with a lost BRC Card - internet research to deal with the impact on our travel plans and communicating with DVLA, UK Visas and Immigration, Home Office and Police - 500 GBP It was redirected in our case though. All DVLA post did arrive, but was delivered to a wrong address. Sorry if this wasn't clear.
  3. Hopefully below clarifies the losses: My wife was waiting for provisional driver's licence and BRC to be returned from DVLA. First we spent significant time trying to reach DVLA to understand why we're not getting these documents back (DVLA had queues so massive that they wouldn't even connect you and immediately drop the call). After DVLA confirming they have sent it and Royal Mail assuring us redirection is working - we assumed mail is lost or stolen. Then we spent researching the web and calling Home Office, UK Visas and Immigration to understand whether there's any way we could travel without her BRC (she's a non-European citizen with EU Settled Status, so it wasn't super obvious). I would have to check the call log exactly, but I estimated the calling took us approx 8-10 hours over multiple days. All this happens during working hours and was a major inconvenience to us - I requested a reimbursement for the time we spent on the calls, etc - caused by the fact we had to first investigate and then handle the BRC being lost. On top of that my wife had to request a new BRC (British Residence Card) which costed 75 GBP and travel 15 miles to have her biometrics taken.
  4. On top of a refund of the service we requested a refund of the cost of replacement of the important documents which we thought were lost (or stolen) + the lost labor cost, the time which we spent contacting various government departments in relation to the important documents we thought were lost. For completeness - Royal Mail did not agree to pay any of it saying they don't think they're at fault here at all. They claimed it on the basis that mail directed through redirection service was misdelivered same as other mail posted to that specific address.
  5. In July last year we (my partner and I) bought a redirection service from Royal Mail after moving flats. After a month we didn't receive any mail, including a few important documents. We complained (first time) during the period of the service and Royal Mail concluded that "they are confident mail is being forwarded accordingly". We eventually discovered that it must have "looked fine" on their end, but mail was delivered to a wrong address (flat above, to which we don't have a key). As a result important documents were misdelivered and we suffered consequential losses. We complained again (second time) - requested full refund of the cost of the service + refund of consequential losses. We then went through all the complaint tiers and the complaint was rejected by their Postal Review Panel. To be fair I wasn't as aware of the intricacies of handling complaints with Royal Mail and relevant as I was filing complaint. I would've probably phrased and handled the complaint process differently. As the next step would've required taking them to court I'm proceeding rather carefully. From what I understand Royal Mail's standard practice is to "hide behind" Section 90 of Postal Service Act 2000. However - during the service we clearly alerted Royal Mail we received no forwarded mail and that we are expecting important documents. Royal Mail advertises that "[Royal Mail's] redirection service will ensure you won't miss important documents". Royal Mail responded that "they are confident mail is being forwarded accordingly". They didn't even bother to ask whether we have received redirection notice (which we haven't, but didn't quite connect the dots until it was too late), to suggest that mail might be delivered elsewhere (check with neighbours, etc.) or perhaps send in a post office worker to double check the address. In our minds - in handling the support case they took inadequate steps to ensure redirection service is functioning correctly, considering the claims on their website "redirection service will ensure you won't miss important documents" and the fact that we explicitly alerted them to the fact that we're expecting important documents. Do we have a leg to stand on complaining about the negligent handling of the customer support case and failure to ensure redirection service is in place (ie that our complaint sits outside of the scope of Section 90(1) )? Or can Royal Mail just hide behind section 90 saying that ensuring redirection is limited to "making sure the redirection label is slapped on the letter" and anything more than that is in the delivery scope.
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