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  1. I m still trying to get some more info about him. As soon as I find out more will come back to you.
  2. Thank you for response. My naiveness , my fault , sometimes I trust people too much . I dont have contract with him unfortunately . I know he leaves not far from me I m pretty sure he has got assets like house , car etc. But I NEED TO Find his adress. I m going to find out rest what you asked me for and come back soon.
  3. In march 2018 I paid guy who suppose to create website for my and my brother company . I paid him by bank transfer 1500 £ ( I know my mistake ) . Unfortunately he hasnt done the job right . Website not completed so not able to use it. I asked for money back but he didnt give back . Whats I can do now ? Small claim Court ? I believe this guy has got money and assets . Unfortunately I dont have his Home adresss . Any help / Advice much appreciate thank you
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