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  1. I've had a good look through the account log in the SAR as suggested by dx and there is no note of a default, d or a dn or any mention of a default in those notes whatsoever. It does look like I had an original debt with Vanquis looking through these notes, they know about very specific events that happened in my life in the last few years including bereavement etc and this is stated in the SAR account notes. It appears that vanquis sold the debt to Arrow Global (managed by NCO) and did NOT apply a default on my account, they just sold it. It's just odd that vanquis was not listed on my credit reports with the known credit agencies which is the sole reason why I created this thread in the first place and now Arrow added the default which I think is most certainly unlawful and a low blow generally as I am lead to believe that vanquis should have carried out that action prior to selling the account. Moving on I'd like to know if there is anything I can do moving forward - There is a note in the account notes that states the following: "06 Sep 2018 Customer sent Purchase expiry notification on 07/09/2018. Purchase rate offer will expire on 01/10/2018" Arrow most certainly bought this debt probably for pennies on the pound so my question is do I cave in and resume payments to these parasites who have now hampered my credit score by applying a default unlawfully or can I contest this (maybe with ICO) which I do apologise profusely because I keep mentioning this default. Did Arrow / NCO actually have the right to add the default notice to the credit reference agencies and only last month which appeared this month? I may actually call Equifax to ask their opinion on the matter. Anyway look I appreciate all the input thus far , but I'm stumped as to my next steps especially now that the debt from vanquis has confirmed to be genuine. Now sure if I can go down the ICO route still ? Anyway I think from the advise given of which I have most certainly taken heed, I will keep an eye out for the post and letters from these people and will ignore until a letter of claim comes in. I'm sure they'll start making threats soon. Oh, and before I forget, how strange is it that within the SAR itself, there was not CCA which Arrow had sent me which contained my signature scanned. I would have definitely thought that would have been included. How bizarre this all is. It would have been nice to squish these guys. but hey can't win 'em all Regards SN
  2. It doesn't allow me to upload a JPG which is odd.. you able to remove that docx file for me ?
  3. Hello again Hope you are all keeping well. OK we have new developments; First one is that Arrow Global went ahead and added a default to my credit file (which I was worried about all along) which I can only presume has been spread to all credit report agencies - I have attached snippet here - The impact I don't think is that serious but my score tanked around 80 points or so. Second: The SAR from Vanquis, I received it in today's post. So what are my next steps from here? I haven't heard from NCO/Arrow so far, but I'm sure that their letters demanding settlement will start flooding in soon because the 30 day "hold" has now lapsed. Just a quick one regarding the SAR, there is no included credit agreement like the one that Arrow/NCO sent, they've included the following: Key to abbreviations (2 pages worth of acronyms) Customer base view with some very detailed and personal information pertaining to myself Statement balances dated back to Aug 2014 (I crossed referenced these with the ones received from NCO/Arrow and they seem to tally up) Customer SMS records going again back to 2014 That's the entire SAR total of 42 pages - I found it very strange that they did not include a CCA or the same CCA that Arrow sent me which was signed etc. Regards SN default_snippet.docx
  4. Holy smoke.. Badtimes it's you.. I'm rushing replying to these messages and I thought you were the other person Andyorch who has just jumped into the thread. Listen, what's going on isn't normal and there is no way I'm prepared for my credit report to be tainted by NCO with foul play antics. No chance. I did SAR vanquis signed for on the 24th just the other day. I posted it 1st class, signed for. Look if this is a genuine debt then Vanquis should have put something on my credit file and back in 2019 now marked now by NCO and what in June 2022.. NO chance.. The way in which this entire thing has been dealt with is really shady and not only am I upset but the fact they told me in a letter it would be placed on hold I'm sure for 30 days and then they bust this move is not acceptable. Look in my binder.pdf I sent across containing everything., Look at the letter dated 23rd March 2022 which was in response to my FMOTL .. They state account will be placed on hold. Then without any new developments whilst they are still trying to obtain documents from Vanquis on the 19/04 they threat with the default in that letter. Then on the 22nd April they sent another letter apologising that they have been unable to obtain the documents yet . 17th May they come back with some bogus evidence. I'm not taking.. I can't wait until the morning until I call the FCA and all the credit reference agencies to expose these fools trying an alternative way to extort me for money which I may not even owe to being with. Go to bed man. I'm going to bed as well..
  5. Just found another old credit report from 2017 from Equifax .. again nothing. Why do you ask ? I'm ever so confused, but i'm defo calling up FCA & Credit reference agencies in the morning.. There is no way i'm letting NCO get away with this foul play. I think this is illegal. I'm going to find out tomorrow for sure from the horses mouth
  6. I did it was 27-09-21 but only from Experian and again no trace of Vanquis And just to let you know that i recently obtained reports from Equifax and TransUnion on the 26/04/22 and Experian on the 27/04/22
  7. That's what I've been saying from the beginning of this post - I was NEVER ever issued with a default with vanquis ever. It was never on my credit reports never in which I recently obtained again from Equifax, Experian & Transunion. No trace of Vanquis or NCO/Arrow Global. I can't even remember how long the £1 token payments have been going out to NCO. However, I stopped making payments back in Oct 2021 when I first obtained credit reports to check on the status of things generally and I noticed that there was no trace of Vanquis so who the hell and why was I paying these NCO group who alleged bought the debt. So I stopped those payments. I've explained all this and I stressed on here about the threat from NCO about the default which I received in the letter on the 19/04/21. The PDF is here you can clearly see it, in fact I think I posted it on page one as well before I uploaded a complete bundle of correspondence. NO default was ever registered from vanquis so what gives these guys the right to now out the blue to register this on my credit file especially when they state in recent correspondence that the account will be placed on hold. Serious violation has taken place. Why you say can't after the initial default date. There is no initial default date. so how the hell does that work.. it's a mess and in the morning I will be calling the FCA to lodge a complaint and I'll speak to the credit reference agencies and dispute the entry. How dare these people do this especially in light of the face that I have received a letter from NCO stating the disputed account will be placed on hold for X amount of time and then they pull a stunt like this whilst that hold of the account is in place.. Also I have no agreement with NCO or Arrow Global. If there was an agreement and I say was.. It would have been with Vanquis not NCO/Arrow. But if you look though the post you'll see that even DX thinks the T&C received from arrow looks a bit dodgy which is why I've SAR'ed Vanquis!
  8. In fact these guys shouldn't be adding default markers to my account. If you read thought the thread DX states the following " as for your continued bumbling's about this 'default' i've already carefully explained it once here but i'll do it again as it's not sunk in. the debt owner can default you - meaning adding a D to the monthly report. (which only you and they can see anyway) that is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from issuing a default notice letter under the consumer credit act sec 87/88 etc. that then gives the OC the OPTION to register a defaulted date in the debt summary line on your credit file that all can see. ONLY the original creditor can do that, a debt buyer cannot in 99% of cases. the DCA have said nowt about issuing a default notice....it's all hot air and pointless as the debt isn't showing anyway for whatever reason. which probably means the OC did issue a default notice more than 6yrs ago so the debt vanishes on the DN's 6th B'day, never to return. but that does NOT mean it's not still owed." Above DX states "the DCA have said nowt about issuing a default notice....it's all hot air and pointless" But the DCA did state they have added a default to my account. It was in the letter they sent me on the 19/04/22 in the bundle I attached previously! In that letter it said words to the affect of Please note, a default has now been registered with the credit reference Agencies Now all of a sudden I'm seeing new a new entry which hasn't been published yet on my credit report Notice of assignment date is from Arrow Global is 4th Nov 2019. Still don't make sense to me man as surely it should be the OC who marks my account with a default. Also above you state the vanquis default date. That's the thing.. Vanquis never added a default to my account so how can these plebs create a new account all of a sudden years later just because I disputed the account and stopped paying them £1 per month! Doesn't make sense However thanks and appreciate the reply to my post, especially at this time of night I'm still waiting on the SAR to come back from vanquis too...
  9. Yeah I don't understand it as I've obtained my reports and no trace of an original debt with vanquis so how can these guys add it and from now? Surely it should be back dated when vanquis sold them the debt right? I know for sure they will add the debt to my report which will appear in June and it will then be flagged with a default. Surely this illegal man. If anyone was going to flag a default it should have been vanquis when they sold they debt to these plebs. Man, I can't express how annoyed I am right about now
  10. I've just checked and Arrow Global have added a NEW account to my credit report .. I'm getting well annoyed now... How can they do this ? What do you make of the attached? Like I said, they warned me in the last correspondence that they would add a default to my credit report.. They can't surely add a new account out of the blue and flag that as a default? This is clearly their intention. In fact, how dare they add my account to my credit report. I don't have an agreement with them, this is clearly unlawful ? To be honest, I don't think that they can add a new account to my credit report out of the blue can they ?? I'm will to be speaking to the credit reference agencies as this is well out of order but I wanted to run this by you guys especially DX this evening as I've just stumbled across this just now. Credit score on Experian has shot down by 160 points. This has caused me to really get stressed I stumbled across this: Also, if a debt buyer can't sue you on an old debt, it might try other ways to get you to pay. One common collection technique is to "park" your old debt on your credit report; it quietly reports an old debt as new on your credit report. This is also called "re-aging" a debt. If you discover that an old debt has reappeared on your credit report as a new account or contains inaccurate information about its age or status, it might be because a debt buyer parked the debt on your report or re-aged the status of your debt. These debt collection practices might be illegal. CRA File.pdf
  11. That's the problem though with people who in a similar positions - we automatically assume that these bought debts could lead to if not adhere to and paid in full or as part of a repayment plan the possibility of it escalating to having a CCJ registered against oneself, where you are then forced to pay and then worst still bailiffs turning up at the door looking to take away ones possessions. This is what worries most I guess....
  12. No worries I'm on the way to the post office now to post it. It'll be sent 1st class signed for. If NCO contact me before Vanquis return the SAR, should I just ignore them ?
  13. I just called vanquis to get the proper official address to send the SAR and the woman on the phone said I can set it up over the phone don't' worry. I then said, that I'd rather send in the correspondence in writing. Anyway she couldn't verify me using a memorable word and then went on to ask for my passport We're not going down that route. Nor do I have the time to faff about with Vanquis. I then asked her to confirm if the debt was sold to Arrow Global and she said yes and it was sold on them in June 2019 I then asked if the account was ever defaulted and she said that would be uncovered in the SAR but nothing is showing to hand on the system notes, but she also confirmed that before an account is sold normally they are defaulted. Mine wasn't and if this is all legit it would be mind blowing. Anyway I've got the address and SAR will be posted today.
  14. Thanks dude I'm just going through the response from DX but I'll sort out the SAR and have that sent of sharpish via Royal Mail signed for... I take it I should use this template that begins with [Their address] [Date] Dear Sir/Madam GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS - SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST ACCOUNT /REF NUMBER XXXXXXXX ? I wasn't aware I had a card from vanquis and like I said, I was obtaining credit reports to establish the validity of NCO/Arrow and there was no trace of vanquis/arrow/nco on my credit report. This is the reason the dispute has commenced. In addition, I have no past correspondence from vanquis at all which is bizarre.
  15. I take it I should use this template that begins with [Their address] [Date] Dear Sir/Madam GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS - SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST ACCOUNT /REF NUMBER XXXXXXXX ? I wasn't aware I had a card from vanquis and like I said, I was obtaining credit reports to establish the validity of NCO/Arrow and there was no trace of vanquis/arrow/nco on my credit report. This is the reason the dispute has commenced. In addition, I have no past correspondence from vanquis at all which is bizarre.
  16. I googled SAR Vanquis and it bought me back to the consumer action group and a vast number of posts on the subject. Lots of people querying SAR vanquis and vanquis not providing all information, talks about sending in £1 as per CCA request for copy which is then disputed etc. If I've stumbled across this, then it seems I'm gonna be subjected to it too. Under a SAR one should obtain all information but seems some people have been mugged off. Talks about going to court etc.. Total nightmare, you know I'd be better off calling the plebs at NCO and and cutting some kind of cash settlement deal and laying this to rest. Seems like a lot of effort on all our parts and I have most certainly appreciative of all the help from you guys especially Dx as he's been responding from day dot. But if in the end I need to pay this DCA then what's the point in it all. I wouldn't have never queried this, if they were on my credit report in the first place.
  17. NCO and Arrow are one and the same apparently. I will SAR vanquis next
  18. No I appreciate it. I never received a Default Notice not that I'm aware of. Which lead me down the path of obtaining ones credit reports. I approached the main ones like Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.. No record of vanquis or Arrow/NCO. And I've recently obtained up to date ones too and there is no trace. Is it not possible the that OC sold the debt and just passed the file onto NCO/Arrow for them to add a default later? The reason I ask is because NCO have recently just said, they've added the default to my file. I don't see how this is possible if it didn't exist in the first place. It is my understanding that if a debt is sold to a DCA, then a default should be registered prior to that debt being sold and as you stated, by the OC (original creditor). Speaking of sold.. Arrow/NCO lay claim that the debt was never bought or sold to them. However, this is not true. I spoke to vanquis on the phone and they said the debt was sold to them. Now, if you take a look at the "freeman twaddle" in my bundle PDF, page 8 is the response from NCO and take a look in the middle about the deed of novation, they state that the DOV is not relevant in this case, because the debt wasn't purchased. However, it was!
  19. it actually contains a third party signature which I also redacted.. it could be an electronic signature can it not? Also badtimes, you said above somewhere that no default or whatever is a good thing? Not sure if you have read the entire thread, but I've approached all the credit reference agencies and there is no record of vanquis or NCO/Arrow. Zoomed inCCA signature at bottom.pdf
  20. No IP .. that redacted section contained my full name and the date and time it was I presume electronically signed, which was sometime in 2014
  21. why do they dates & figures matter? surely they can be used to identify me. That's the lot
  22. Swearing I did not swear I can't put the dates back .. it's already redacted.. I'll have to do it again.. I do see why the day of the month matters.. I redacted them for good reason Swearing I did not swear I can't put the dates back .. it's already redacted.. I'll have to do it again.. I do see why the day of the month matters.. I redacted them for good reason What is an fmotl letter ??
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