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  1. Thanks! I went to the bank today and drew out three cheques £10 to Nationwide and two cheques to equifax and experian to have a look at what exactly is on my credit files. So I guess I have started!

    All seems very daunting but will take one step at a time.

    Thanks for your support



    PS. Off to start thread in Nationwide forum as suggested.

  2. Hello all.:D


    Like many/most of you on here I have also suffered from extortionate bank charges (for as long as I can remember), charges on top of charges, nasty letters, nasty phone calls, feeling helpless and intimidated, and finding myself in debt, I am now finding out that I CAN do something about it.


    In the process of assimilating all the info. tho some of it seems like a whole other language.


    There are a number of companies I need to deal with including Nationwide, Abbey National (tho not sure if this is too far back) and several credit cards.


    Last year the Nationwide closed my flex account current account after serving me with a default notice for an overdrawn balance of £557. The original amount was I believe less than £100 but charges upon charges resulted in the amount escalating and the bank withdrawing all facilities and closing my account which I had held for 20 years almost to the day since 1985.


    I have just dug out the letter from Nationwide and default notice they sent me and I remember how upset and helpless I felt at the time. The letter threatened legal proceedings for recovery of the debt, further bank charges and even threat of a "Society representative calling on you at home or at work to collect all remaining cards and chequebooks..."


    Shortly after this I received a statement showing my flex account had been closed and the overdrawn balance had been wiped out back to zero. I never heard anything since and thought it really strange. At the time I was relieved that the bank wasn't going to pursue me any further for the money but also really P***ED OFF that the account I had held since I started my first job aged 17 was closed two decades later.:evil:


    Over the years I have had MANY charges. I dread to think how much. I dread to think what my credit file looks like also what with defaults not only from Nationwide but from Abbey and various credit cards mainly a result of unreasonable charges.


    I am glad (or should that be sorry) to find so many people in similar situations and am hoping to learn much on here and get the confidence to take action to get my money back. It sickens me the way the financial organisations can get away with forcing debt and ruining people's lives. Having found this site I intend to take this action not only for myself but then to spread the word to everyone as I can already think of lots of people who have been similarly affected. Also when successful I will defintiely be donating to this site. Thanks to the site owners for creating it and keeping it running.


    I still have accounts with Nationwide two cash savings accounts and an ISA not much money in any of them but what there is I intend to clear out into a new account as I am ready to begin my steps in the next day or two when I have finished reading the site and the information on the forums.


    Sorry for the long winded post but I am really happy to be here, as well as nervous (thought of courts scares the living daylights out of me) but commited and whatever I can do to help..


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