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  1. MMnn... not sure you need to do this. I didn't (neither did lots of others.)

    Have just paid my cheque into bank this morning. :-)


    Please feel free to correct me if i'm wrong but I didn't read that you have to do that anywhere in the procedures.

  2. Hold your nerve guys. It really does work. You will get all your money back

    I DID. :) :) :) :) :)

    Cheque arrived in the post this morning (flex account was closed last year) for the full amount claimed less £50 which I have no inclination to quibble over.

    Haven't stopped grinning yet.

    Just want to say thanks to all you lovely people on here without whom I would have probably lost my bottle ages ago. Special thanks to Dolly I have noticed how much help you are giving to as many people as you can on here. You are remarkable. The support on here is fantastic and an amazing example of people sticking together and fighting for justice. Without getting all soppy its actually very moving.

    Will be back to donate as soon as the cheque's cleared and now have the confidence and will be taking a close look at Barclaycard in the next few days.



    end of acceptance speech

    God bless Nationwide :D

  3. Think I should join this club too.


    Just want to say be patient. I for one know its easier said than done.. my claim was also acnowledged on the 13th by Mr Bacon with an "intends to defend".


    At the end of the day this buys Mr Bacon et al 28 days to make a defence or otherwise (otherwise being pay up).


    I would try not to worry until that time is up.


    I realise its hard when you see others being paid much quicker but I suggest we wait till 28 days from acknowledgement and if we haven't heard anything by then (which we should) then panic. LOL


    They prob do them in batches and have a backlog.


    Best wishes


  4. Mmm, papers served and acknowledged... Charles Bacon is to defend claim. I think this is standard procedure but can someone please confirm this for me.

    Also not sure if its 14 days or 28 days from my money claim online till payday. Going to read through all posts again to seeif I can find the answers but in the meantime if anyone can help???



  5. kydcarmen

    Thanks and yours will be on its way very soon i'm sure.



    no advice other than the waiting for the statements is probably the hardest (longest) bit. Once you've got that its pretty straightforward. Also good idea to start your own thread and you can ask any spcific questions you have. As you've prbably already seen there are many on here ready and willing to answer your queries.

    Just read all the forums, study and understand the templates and follow the stages step by step and you'll be fine.

    Good luck and best wishes.


  6. Thanks for the speedy response kydcarmen. Looking forward to putting my claim in. Seems to have been a long waiting game so far.

    As always best of luck with your claim. By all accounts you should be celebrating in a matter of days..

    Best wishes,


  7. Couple of quick questions of anyone here is able to help please.


    Firstly my LBA 14 day deadline is fast approaching and I just wanted to make sure that the next step is making my claim against Nationwide on the moneyclaim site (have already registered)??


    Secondly, my flex account was closed in 2005. Does anyone know if Nationwide will pay my claim into my cashbuilder account (still open) or have they been known to send a cheque.


    Thanks in advance for any and all answers.


  8. Received standard 'we won't be refunding you/our charges are transparent/you agreed to this when you signed up' letter from Nationwide yesterday. My letter before action is ready to go as soon as 14 days is up.


    I have to say this really is a godsend this site. I know exactly what to expect and what to do thanks to you guys. Has definitely made it all less daunting.



  9. Ok Dolly. Sorry I did indeed mean Nat West Step account which I have been using for a couple of weeks now. Seems to be a good account and used to internet banking etc.


    You mentioned that the Nationwide will close all my accounts... Well, firstly the account in question which I am claiming back charges from (flex account) was closed by Nationwide in 2005. Due to non payment of charges which escalated to over £600. This came about when a bank charge took me £2.83 overdrawn and then several DD' failed and I was then hit by charges of £180 in one month.


    The charges upon charges and unauthorised overdraft fees (you get the picture by now) led me to being over £600 overdrawn.


    The bank took it upon themselves to close my account wiping out the £600 I was overdrawn by. At the time I was relieved as they had wiped out the £600 meaning I didn't have to pay it but at the same time really peed off as I'd had the account for almost 20 years to the day.


    However (and back to my point) I do have various other savings and cashbuilder accounts with Nationwide (altho not a great deal in them). Are you suggesting they will close these accounts too??


    As far as how much I am claiming back... well, the charges amount to around £2600 over the 6 years and I will of course deduct the £600 which I did not have to pay.. leaving a tidy sum of around £2000.


    BTW My statements arrived almost 2 weeks before the 40 day deadline, was quite surprised (tho pleased) about that.


    Just getting my head around what I need to do next. Methinks:


    Send the preliminary letter requesting money back (14 days to respond) then,

    Send LBA (another 14 days) then, file claim.


    Any comments would be most welcome.


    (forgot final step.. gets money back, pays 5%? to CAG to say thanks and to support all their good work and heads off into the sunset for a nice holiday and a well deserved celebratory drink!)


    Best wishes.





    PS> sorry for the long delay in replying to your comments Dolly and thanks for your time.

  10. Thanks cillitbanger! to you and all the decent folk on here. Its a great feeling to be taking control back off the banks.. I have been telling absolutely everyone I know (and even some I don't know) about this. I feel it's my duty.


  11. Hi scottmove,

    Sorry I can't answer your question as i'm even newer than you but just wanted to say good luck. Keep us posted as to how you get on I will be doing the same.



    PS. just realised this says Nat West you're in the Nationwide thread. Good luck still

  12. Hello to all of you here at the Nationwide Action Group. I'm really pleased to join you here but also pretty daunted. I was directed to this site a couple of days ago and am ready to take on Nationwide (and others-one step at a time) to reclaim what's mine. Will post regularly as case progresses and of course when satisfied I will be donating to the site.



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