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  1. Hi All, And Mantis Shrimp. Ref TT query. Thank you. I think I might have answered my own question of what to do next by writing out and "homing in on main points" myself. As I've now had a compensation offer from TT I didn't have before when I first complained to Ofcom I'm going to re approach them and see what they say. It might take a while. In he meantime there's no need for any one else to research my query thank you.I'll give you an update when I hear back from Ofcom.
  2. Hi I'm very sorry, I tried to cut it down as much as I could . TT nearly sent us round the bend with their prolonged stance. No prob's it is difficult to follow and I appreciate it's a real tangled web. There's much worse going on the world just now and so please don't feel obliged follow every twist and turn in the saga. Writing it out has helped me understand what I should now do now more anyway. Thank you for your time.
  3. Hi all, Sorry for delay in replying. As mantis shrimp has suggested this is meant to be "nutshell" summary. The nub of this explanation Concerns Talk Talk slow (1Mb) Broad Band and phone we pay £39.50 per month for, turns on the below main points as I see it. (Abbreviation Key) Broadband =BB.Talk Talk=TT. Codes of Practice=COP. Terms and Conditions =T&C’s. Ofcom Voluntary Code Of Practice =OVCOP. Consumer Rights (including Unfair Contracts) Act 2015 =CRA 2015. South Africa=S.A. Philippines =PP’s. In My Opinion=IMO Centre for Dispute Resolution=CEDR. Contract Break Fee=CBF. Shout Down The Phone = SDTP. Since the 8th November 2021 We (Wife and I) have had extreme difficulty Complaining & communicating to TT for three months often each of us having to SDTP or request the person the other repeat what they have said and using many hours on the phone and despite being guaranteed a minimum of 16Mb what we were getting was extremely slow 1Mb BB, (1Mb) or less as it turns out, in 3 months TT cannot and did not fix the fault. We tried very hard via their apparent recommended phone path of their Customers or Technical Service based either SA or PP’s. 5-6 Letters sent to Directors at Salford and Complaints dept appearing ignored not directly replied to. To say it has been difficult even speaking to TT-often resorting to SDTP is frequently required by both of us -leaving us exhausted every time we had a conversation & came of the phone with them is an understatement, and forms part of the main point of my writing about this. Trying to talk to a TT Rep referencing their own T&C’s, TT’s Complaints COP (about 24 pages of small print overall all) not including the Ofcom OVCOP that TT are are signed up to is impossible. When I tried to bring up their Ofcom obligations with their rep either in SA or the PP’s. This was ignored. Despite us being repeatedly sent nonsense emails from TT typically either to say “they were sorry we had had a problem -past tense- and or there is nothing wrong with the broad band line but if there is for us to get in touch. On the 1st Jan 2022 (and since the 8th November 21) my tech and TV streaming had not worked and we still had slow 1Mb or less .05Mb download speed. I wrote to Ofcom to complain. Ofcom replied in an unhelpful way and made reference to Ofcom’s CEDR having contacted TT. Ultimately TT had replied to CEDR who then replied to me in a confusing style appearing to be quoting verbatum from rule 2.2.3. ???? TT they argued and DENIED I had contacted them (TT) to complain on the 8th Nov, 21 when I actually had. (TT had sent me an email that same day 8th Nov 21 saying thanks for contacting them there’s no fault but if there is, please contact us) Bizarrely, Ofcom made reference to a TT call log”-lasting one hr 15 mins from me that TT had produced to CEDR dated the 8th Nov, 2021, but said I had “not expressed {enough} dissatisfaction on that date.”!!! (It was my first call to TT (Perhaps I was not shouting enough??) But instead CEDR said I was telling them-TT-about a fault. This is completely wrong. 5 Letters later from the CEDR IMO, I have found their reply slightly muddled contradicting their own Ofcom OVCOP. They gave 10 days to respond if I disagreed. By now I was fed up dealing with TT and had written twice to OFCOM / CEDR -once to appeal at that time and I had difficulty understanding their replies and needed more time to understand their 5 letters of reply. by the 25th Jan 2022 and because of fear of the £65 CBF charge, nearly 3 months of BB disruption because of TT, my wife and I were fed up SDTP to be heard so I told TT I was giving notice. I have reluctantly accepted -conveniently for TT-via a poor hard to hear and be heard land line a supposed financial compensation offer of £120 and for them to rescind a CBF charge of £65.00 they threatened me with. I don’t feel happy at all by TT's offer. I requested a paltry £200 this is denied with their offer down to £120. Despite verbally referencing OVCOP & my having to pay BT £75.00 to change over the house phone line, letters and further recorded delivery postage because TT ignored my OVCOP reference, IMO they are still breaching the OVCOP at a OVCOP compensation rate £8.06p per day 12 weeks Circa £677.04. approx. I feel TT has acted in a passive aggressive manner. I asked the TT rep to send me an email outline of the compensation were they offered £120.00p. T.T. said they cannot send emails out. I’m not sure where I go from here if anywhere? Any advice appreciated. Thnx.
  4. A large coffee will be required by all..I've started to write it up just sorting dates... and Thank you!
  5. Just a brief intro from me, middle aged some might say more than middle!! kids have now flown the nest! Hobbies include looking at cars I can't afford, gardening, part time & voluntary work, keeping fit and eating ice cream!
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