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  1. Thank you for your help I will await a reply from @Andyork.
  2. yes just upload a picture of LFT. The Randox head office is in Ireland
  3. for Randox you had to download the app and when you received your tests in the post you would upload them. There was a problem with the app at the weekend before I was due to fly but it was back up and running and I was able to upload both results for myself and my daughter and had a message to say results would be three hours but never came back. It was almost impossible to get any response and took weeks but eventually after a lot of chasing they admitted they were wrong and refunded the cost of the tests but would not admit liability. I sent a letter asking for they to redress fotr my financial losses incurred as a result of their failures as is covered under consumer law and advised of legal action if they failed to action. They replied that they were not liable and the matter was closed also they would not enter any further correspondence.
  4. I was looking for help on how to get compensation for losses incurred from a cancelled short break when Randox failed to send me any test results to fly to Italy. Consumer act says I am entittiled to reclaim losses as a result but Randoz wont play ball. Flights and hotel etc booked separate and excess is not worth the claim.The head office is in Ireland so cant use small claim courts here or in Ireland.Help?
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