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  1. Thank you so much! This is so helpful and I'll send a letter using your template. I have moved, but it was during a time I was completing all my admin, so they've had a deferment from this address and all the letters I have received have been to this address. Hopefully this will help settle the matter, however I may add to this thread again if not.
  2. Really? The advisor from PayPlan said as long as there was communication from the creditor acknowledging the debt, then it wouldn't be, and I have had plenty of letters from Thesis. I also found this info at Scotland Debt Solutions: For a debt to be statute barred after the five-year timescale in Scotland, the following must also apply during this time period: The debt has not been acknowledged by the debtor There are no decrees on the debt The creditor has not made contact about the amount owed No repayments have been made Should I send a further statute-barred letter? I sent one in December using the National Debtline template letter, and they replied informing me of my deferment dates and the payment made on 30th January. I didn't respond because I thought there could be a chance it would be statute-barred in 10 days and then today all seemed to be lost after my chat with the adviser at PayPlan.
  3. Thanks for your reply. According to Link I made a payment of £10 on 30th January 2017. My last deferment ended on 24th October 2017, so I assume I sent my last deferment form at around this date in 2016.
  4. Firstly, I've been a proper fool and failed to submit deferments for Scottish student loans since 2017, despite the fact I would have been entitled to this. The loans were for four years from 1991. I'd been late with them in the past, once getting the deferment backdated and once agreeing to pay the amount owed in monthly payments, although I think I cancelled the bank payments after one payment. I've been living at the same address and Thesis have sent plenty of letters and tried phoning, but I've ignored them all. Now I've been informed that the debt has been passed to Link Financing, which I believe is the debt collecting arm of Thesis, since the letters have the same address. I believe there is no possibility the debt is time-barred, since there has been plenty of communication received by me by the creditors, although this was only just pointed out to me today by a Scottish Debt Agency; the Debt Advisory service had suggested this route and I sent off one of the template letters in December. Now it looks like I am liable for just shy of £6,000. I'd like to make a settlement offer, and highlight that poor administration by me has resulted in this situation, hoping they will have some sympathy, since my poor life choices has meant I am now liable for a debt that I believe would have been wiped, if I had kept up the deferments and had no outstanding balance on the account. Alternatively I am prepared to make a monthly payment and pay it all off over time, although since I live fairly modestly I have the funds to pay the full amount. I can't believe what an idiot I've been, especially since I used to be so careful in managing my financial affairs. I'd appreciate any thoughts on my situation or alternative suggestions, if there are any!
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