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  1. Hey guys, I did some reading and know there are a lot of similar cases like mine and I pretty much understand the steps I need to take to make my claim. I'm asking for some guidance and advice on my Letter of Claim and Particular of Claim. The situation I'm in: I have sold an Xbox One X Limited Edition on Ebay for almost £300 and used Packlink delivery service which ended up with Hermes, did NOT buy their insurance. I have dropped off the item at a colleciton point on 24/01/2022 and it was picked up the same day. The buyer complained not receiving an item, so I chased Hermes who then directed me to Packlink. After a few days of investigations, on 31/01/2022, I was told my item is "Lost" and was directed to make a claim. I have filled a claim form, stating that I'm claiming for a full amount. Packlink has come back to me today(03/02/2022), saying they will compensate £25 pounds plus delivery. I have replied, rejecting the offer and stating that I will be taking legal action against Hermes to claim the full amount. I'm planning to send them my Letter of Claim as bellow(used another person's post for guidance). Let me know if it's okay. Thanks in advance.
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