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  1. The insurance company told me this figure of 14.9 on both occasions I called them today. The vehicle is a Hyundai ioniq Premium SE with a 67 plate. 60K. Full main dealer service history. In vgc
  2. Thanks for your valued replies guys. The lesson I’m getting from this is, in these times of increased values we should all keep tabs on the value of our vehicle’s. I paid £12k 12 months ago with 20K on the clock. Now at 60K and a yr older it’s been valued at 14.9K. Im a cab driver before you ask. Are we able mid term of a policy to call the insurance company to up the estimated value within the policy?? If so, would surly be a good idea.
  3. I have just received an offer for my vehicle from the insurance company after it was written off. They explained that they have valued my car at £14900 but because my estimated value in my policy states £11000 that’s the maximum figure they can offer. They agree that £11000 won’t buy me a like for like but insist that the figure is capped to the figure estimated on the policy.I've raised a complaint with them. In the mean time they’ve offered the interim payment for now for the full 11k which I've flatly refused. Can this be fair???
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