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  1. Hi there Man in the middle.

    You kindly offered advice re my speeding offence and I appeared in court yesterday as advised.

    I have had a clean licence for  some years and as I was announced by the Crown Prosecutor she said I already had three points on my licence.

    since Feb last year. I was gobsmacked. Yes I did receive a fixed penalty notice but I remember it said I would not receive points if I paid £100 within a certain time which I did. I have a photograph of  the first notice from the Met and also evidence I paid the sum in good time. The notice mentions speed awareness as an option.

    I cannot get hold of anyone to deal with this. I just spent 60mins hanging on for 101 to answer only to get a telephonist cut me off. There appear to be no contact addresses or numbers that one can get to.

    Could you advise please?

  2. 75mph 40mph speed limit Motorway like dual carriage way. No houses schools pedestrians etc crash barriers both sides. I “ kicked down” coming off a roundabout and I was (embarrassingly) showing off my car to a friend so it was a burst to 75mph and then foot off. I realise the law is the law and I expect to be punished. I have a clean licence. Thank you for your counsel.
  3. Thank you Man in the Middle …I am appearing in court because I wanted to apologise.
  4. I was caught speeding and I intend to appear in court to plead guilty. The lengthy forms ask for a statement of monthly outgoings and assets. All very vague and a small blank box to fill in details. My wife owns her own car and pays for different expenses, do I have to include her share of house, cars and outgoings? How specific do I have to be? thanks
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