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  1. A local company called Hewer The engineer said the part they’d sent was incorrect, so he hadn’t replaced it! But I’ve been charged for it! There were terms and conditions when I first took out the plan years ago, I wouldn’t know if the part was included as they didn’t tell me what was being replaced. many thanks
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help, I have a boiler plan with a private heating company that covers repairs and parts on my boiler. It was fixed in November, very quickly after it wasn't holding the pressure and there wasn't much hot water. I reported it and they came out again. They have found another fault and ordered the part - this engineer didn’t say the part/labour wasn’t covered on my plan. Another engineer came to fix it, didn’t use the part, look apart the boiler (not sure what else he did) now it’s sorted. He also didn’t tell it wasn’t covered as part of the plan. I’ve now had a bill for £140 without warning. I’m very annoyed and feel they should’ve mentioned this, they had two occasions and a lady rang to book in the repair - she didn’t mention it wasn’t included in the plan. Many thanks for your advice and thoughts
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