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  1. thanks DX. It probably helps that the keeper of the car is female, and in the photos you can see the driver was male. Do I really need to wait for the letter of claim and reply pack to send the snotty letter? Is there any harm in sending the letter now?
  2. OK, understood. It just so happens that in this instance the person listed on the V5C that received the PCN wasn't the driver. So just sit tight? What about the DCA? Wont they just pursue and eventually file a default?
  3. ok thank you. So where do I go from here. Do I write to Smart Parking, telling them they have missed the 14 days and that it is non compliant?
  4. thank you both. Isn't it 28 days for a PCN? date of incident to date of receipt would be; 14/11/2021 to 29/11/2021 15 days
  5. sorry about that. Here we go. There were 11 files in the SAR. All included in this PDF (personal info redacted). SAR return.pdf
  6. thanks, I didn't know that. Although as this is new I wouldn't have known to write to them. I have a response from Smart Parking re. the SAR request. I sent them two letters, one a standard SAR and the second was to notify the change of address. They replied to my old address and the Royal mail redirect picked it up. Is proof of identity normal practise now? Or is this because of the address change? sar response.pdf
  7. Thank you both. I sent Smart Parking Ltd a SAR on Monday, and notified them of my new address. I've also setup a Royal Mail redirect for the next 6 months. I'll update the thread when they respond.
  8. Thanks both. I jumped to a conclusion there. Due to an address change, this letter is the only correspondence I've had. The date was the 14/11/2021. I bought a ticket through the ringgo app, and it overran by about 30 mins (from memory). The carpark was LBS, Newark on Trent.
  9. We recently moved house, and sometime before updating the address on a V5 I received a PCN from Smart parking (or so I believe) for 'insufficient paid time". They would have gone to my old address and I think thrown away by whoever now lives there. I've just picked up some post from the estate agent and there is a letter from debt recovery plus for £170. This is obviously going to count as a default, so I'd really like to do anything I can to remove it. Is it worth contacting smart parking and explaining they sent the reminders to the wrong address, and offering to pay them?
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