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  1. Yes, my ESA is income related. Would it not affect my PIP payment because that is a Non Means Tested benefit? Many thanks for the reply
  2. Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me with an unusual and quite complicated issue? My Father who is 91yo, wishes to leave his half of the house to me and my 2 siblings. We have been advised by a solicitor that by doing it that way, my Mother can stay in the house until she passes, then we will more than likely sell the property and split the money 3 ways. The problem, is that I am on PIP and ESA, and I am concerned that legally owning a third of a house will affect my benefits. If I was taking this as a cash sum, then clearly it would affect my benefits, as I would have more than £6,000 in my bank account, whereas owning a third of a property(and not taking any money) does not put me above this £6,000 threshold. I would very much appreciate any helpful replies.
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