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  1. oh should also mention the solicitor tried to appeal, but judge said based on the facts theres no basis for an appeal.. DENIED!
  2. just got out of the virtual court, lasted over an hr! So bwlegals rep tried to disregard my witness statement because they didn't receive it until the 4th August, Judge asked me when it was posted, told him 15th, he asked why it wasn't posted before that to ensure it go to the solicitors on time, basically told him I am defending myself, im not a solicitor and to put my defense together takes time and i only relieved bwlegals response on the 14th , and I did email the court on the 15th once I had completed it.. Judge was happy with response 1-0 to me Then the solicitor went on a spree about all the appendices... images etc and to disregard the 3 hr images and use the new witness statement, I asked to speak and pretty much nailed it with lookinforinfo's response Solicitor asked me whether I agree that the parking is 2 hrs or not, i said in July 2019 I would have said no, its 3 hrs like the rest of the retail park. He asked did you read the signage, I said no.. i have parked in the retail park all the time and its been 3 hrs, i referred them to the website which states puregym is part of castle marina retail and it states 3hrs, solicitor gave some bs and asked to disregard that as its third party.. Then the judge had his final say.. and to be honest it felt like being in the apprentice board room.. one minute i'm like crap this isn't looking good, then its like.. oh this looks good.. then its like oh crap i've lost... summing up Judge said the images provided by the claimant provide no help whatsoever, you can't even read the images.. The 3 hr parking image is legit, if you look at it closely it is a proper sign and not a dummy image like BWlegal were claiming (tbh i didnt notice that) There are no images of the car park signage on the date of the overstay.. so claim failed!! I WIN ! Well i should say we win, I could not have done this without you guys huge thanks for everyone who helped and i'll make a donation to this site to help others
  3. I just received this from the fleecers.. She is asking the court to retract the image of the signage which states 3hrs free parking. as she sent it in error... The case is tomorrow at 10am, Is there anything else I need to do ? Thanks bwlegalp1-combined.pdf
  4. Damn, i emailed court and snailed fleecers but had never heard of free proof of posting until now So dont have it.. is it worth posting again and getting the proof or is it ok ?
  5. thanks again, I have added a supplemental bit at the end, section 7 is that ok ? The WS is due by 1600 today. Anything else I need before I email the courts and post this out to the fleecers ? witness-puregym-v6.pdf
  6. hey no worries, i really appreciate the help and advise. I have attached the amended WS (highlighted in red the changes and additions) witness-puregym-v5.pdf
  7. MSe site was used for my defence way back in December before i was aware of this site. Any letter of claim that was sent by the courts has been responded to and responses sent to both court and bwlegal. The request for cpr was sent in December and a response was received at the end of March. Snail mail used for all responses, no recorded just normal post.
  8. hey guys, bwlegal have sent their witness statement, I have scanned in their response. They have sent images where it states the car park is 3 hrs (page 31) , then another which says 2hrs (page 33) Please let me know whether I need to modify my witness statement in relation to anything thing they have sent. fleecers_witness2_compressed.pdf
  9. Thanks for the advice witness statement updated, Deadline is 15th July, Should I email my Witness statement to the court tomorrow morning and post to fleecers tomorrow as well ?
  10. Thanks, amended and attached with the info above, let me know what you think I am planning on emailing my final witness statement to the court just wondering whether it needs to be emailed to the fleecers as well or will snail mail do ? Thanks, witness-puregym-v4.pdf
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