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  1. just to clarify the UC payment is somewhere around 8-9k with the rest being HB. I have updated my change of circumstances.
  2. I had the compliance interview last week and I denied having any savings at the time of application (I'm such an idiot). I was told to expect a letter in the post. How can I redeem myself ? I was thinking of using the change of circumstances change within the system to halt payments and declare savings in the meanwhile. Using high estimates i would owe about 20k so the real value is under this a bit.
  3. I made the claim roughly 2 years ago. I was coming out from a bad patch in my life and I don't know what I was thinking. I would like to redeem myself but i don't know how i could cope if convicted.
  4. Hello guys, I was stupid enough not to disclose savings and was called up on it in a compliance interview - since then my mind and body are a complete wreck and I'm really worried about the future for me and my family . How do I find a decent solicitor? searching through lawsociety and looking at the google reviews seem a little pot luck to me at the moment. Please help!
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