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  1. Hi all i will make it short, I have a 2 bedroom house with housing association, I am the main tenant and my partner and daughter are on there as just living here? anyway we are talking about breaking up and she wants to move out of the area, if this dose go ahead what will happen to me and the house? I have just signed a 5 year contract thanks
  2. Please find attached pdf, I don’t no if it is lawful I do not recall receiving a enforcement document is this not supposed to be sent before they go to any address? Document.pdf
  3. This would have been quite a while ago when I was moving home it was sent to my old address and it seems they have caught up with me now about 2 years down the line? I think I now have a ccj
  4. Hi i had someone from newlyn debt recovery at my door today, for a unpaid pcn costing over £400 is there anything I can do ? I really need to sort out other debts that come to £14000 is there any advice?
  5. Hi all myself and my partner have two young children together, we currently receive universal credit, child benefit, I get esa and pip and my partner gets carers allowance because of me, over the past years my partner has had seizures/fits, she recently had a major seizure and went into hospital and they have now said epilepsy, she has had so many changes put into place with her life style for example driving license taken away, down to not being allowed to take children upstairs or be with them on her own, they mentioned she was entitled to a bus pass, but is there anything else she can claim such as pip or esa? If I could get as much advice as possible and possibly help with sorting out forms etc? Sorry I forgot to mention she is now on lifetime medication if this changes anything? thank you all great team here!
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