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  1. Thank you, funnily enough I have taken a screenshot of their own advice to take with me! They said to me that they always recommend changing tyres over 5 years old, mine were 2016 but I only do 3,000 miles a year on average. Nothing mentioned on my MOT 6 weeks ago that’s what got me thinking, I had to check it when I got home.
  2. Hello. I have an old banger but I have had it from new and although the car is 21 years old, it has only done 54,000 miles. It started grinding when turning after I braked to take slow, tight turns, also a knocking at the back. I assumed it was brakes and couldn’t get in anywhere. took the risk of using Kwik Fit. They assured me the brakes were at fault and I needed new everything, plus 2 new rear tyres, cost £850. I said no way, they knocked 10% off and talked me into it by saying it needed to be done etc. I fetched the car the following day and drove out the EXACT same car with the EXACT same grinding and knocking. Brakes are no different. I checked my MOT from the end of November, it said the brake discs on the front were pitted but not seriously weakened. Nothing for rear brakes or tyres mentioned. I have a meeting on Monday with the area manager to sort this out and in the meantime have sorted out the grinding by topping up my very low power steering fluid. I feel that the tyres were not necessary, they said they were replaced as they were 5 years old, and the brakes were not the problem, they did not fix the problems it came in with I am asking for a refund. Any advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated .
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