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  1. Thank you unclebulgaria67 Will tell my sister to ask for a copy of decision letter and see what they say Thanks again really appreciate the help
  2. Don’t understand why they don’t want to give details about appealing the decision
  3. Thank you Unclebulgaria67 my sister has always kept written proof of her job search, This work coach seems really strict ,it’s not her usual work coach, the work coach she usually has always been happy with her job search. She had her appointment with him on Tuesday 25th and he said it will go to decision maker then he called this morning and said it’s been disallowed and she needs to claim UC, He didn’t mention anything about appealing the decision so my sister went to the job centre to see him and he was saying there’s no appeal phone number and what are you appealing for ,he was really awkward about it, Didn't want to give the number to appeal, something doesn’t feel right, he said I will do the appeal for you my sister got home and rang the benefits number and even the lady on the phone was confused after checking the claim ,Dont think it mentioned anything about jsa being stopped, she emailed jobcentre now my sister waiting for a call back on Monday Also if jsa has been stopped will my sister be able to claim UC and get payments? Won’t they say jsa is stopped you can’t claim UC? thanks
  4. Hi everyone,My sister has been claiming jsa but recently it’s been stopped by a work adviser I don’t normally see,he saying not been doing enough to look for work but I have all my job search written down,He’s now telling to claim for universal credit straight away but will they pay me anything because of my jsa being stopped? Also the advisor has said nothing about appealing the decision to stop jsa,What’s the best thing for my sister to do? Thanks
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