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  1. OK. Wow. How annoying about Packlink and I can't help feel that beyond my own loss there is something fundementally really wrong that this is a service bought directly through the eBay website with no recourse against them. Feels corrupt. But I will gladly follow your advice, read up and follow the process you describe. Thank you @dx100uk
  2. I am really quite stuck on how to manage this problem, so any advice would be gratefully received. I sold an iPhone on eBay for £199.99 and sent it on Dec 27, buying the postage and insurance from Hermes on the eBay website (which turns out to be a service provided by Packlink) The item entered the Hermes network in my local depot - but it never moved past there so after some days I contacts Hermes and Packlink Hermes confirmed quickly that the item was lost but that the postage was purchased through Packlink so I need to contact them Packlink confirmed the loss on Jan 7 and stated it had moved to the claim department who would be in touch if they need any more information At the same time, I refunded the buyer of the iPhone as it was the right thing to do Since that point, Packlink have never come back to me asking for any more information, I have sent 3x emails back on the Zendesk ticket asking for an update but they never reply. I've contacted eBay twice, and the first time they said they couldn't do anything as not enough time had passed, and the second time they just confirmed Packlink were unreliable and they have a lot of complaints - and to get in touch with Citizens Advice. What do I do if everyone just ignores me and never updates this? I paid for postage but this was not really delivered upon, and I paid for Insurance which seems to be ignored. For the most part, I feel really cheated by eBay who promote this service on their website and then step back and say 'not us'. Please help.
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