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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. I have photos of all the signage, I took them on the day it happened. Nowhere does it state who is responsible. Wilcomatic’s name is nowhere to be seen on the signage. Only noticed it against the payment on my online banking. Will get in touch with the petrol station today to clarify. thanks again.
  2. The car wash payment came out of my bank as “Wilcomatic” so I think this is maybe where I should be focusing my efforts. I’ll give the petrol station a call anyway to confirm. thank you.
  3. This is something I’m unsure of. The car wash has all the branding of Co-Op and Co-Op signage. Worth a call to the petrol station I presume.
  4. Hi everyone, I hope you can be of some guidance to me…. My car was damaged at an automatic car wash last month. I have front and back dashcams on my car which recorded the whole thing. It shows me removing my aerial, driving in between the guide rails, stopping when the red light came on, handbrake going on and engine turning off. I have used this car wash before and I’m familiar with it. During the wash cycle, the horizontal roller became stuck under my factory fitted spoiler (Mini) and pulled it up and off. The spoiler isn’t an added extra or anything, it’s unfortunate it’s called a spoiler by Mini. It’s more of a lip above the 3rd brake light. Petrol station employee said “not our problem as you should have removed your spoiler”. Signs do not mention removing spoilers and also, it’s a factory fitted part of my car which isn’t meant to be removed. I left my contact details but heard nothing since. Car currently in bodyshop being repaired at a cost to me of £641. My car insurance were no use and gave up as soon as the petrol station mentioned they have a disclaimer. My motor legal cover could only reclaim any uninsured losses (my excess). But I wasn’t happy pursuing a claim which would cause a strike against my no claims. I have sent a Letter Before Action, photos and estimate for repair via special delivery. As of today, day 14, they have not replied. Citizens Advice are not contactable due to Covid. They haven’t replied to my email which was sent last month. I’m keen to get this resolved as the initial insurance claim process wasted a couple of weeks. And the Letter Before Action has wasted another two weeks. Now my next step is to start the small claims court process? Is it Head Office I need to address this to or the actual petrol station it happened at? Thank you for reading Also, don’t worry. Will never be using an automated car wash again. Lesson learnt the hard way…
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